'My Unorthodox Life': When Was It Filmed?

Netflix is full of fun series to binge, and reality television is one of the most popular genres. One of the fun aspects of reality TV is the ability to glimpse different lifestyles. Whether it is the life of the rich and famous like the Kardashians or those who suffer from varying addictions, reality television is enlightening to the masses. My Unorthodox Life is no exception. It is a fun and unique chance for viewers to take a glimpse at the glamorous world of Elite World Group’s CEO, Julia Haart. One question on viewers’ minds when tuning in has been: When was My Unorthodox Life filmed?

From fundamentalism to fashion: Meet Julia Haart

My Unorthodox Life focuses on ex-Orthodox Jew Julia Haart. After being raised in a fundamentalist community, Haar had an arranged marriage at 19. The marriage resulted in the births of four beautiful children, but Haart was not happy. She likened the marriage to a prison sentence and quietly planned her escape. Without formal education, making money was a challenge, but Haart secretly sold insurance to build savings.

At the age of 42, Haart left the Orthodox community only a couple of days after her oldest daughter’s marriage. Upon leaving, she explored her love of shoes by starting a shoe brand that focused on both fashion and comfort. From there, Haart went on to work with La Pera before co-founding her talent agent Elite World Groups. 

The series shows Haart’s work as well as her family life. It also follows the rest of the family on their individual journeys. The family members all have unique circumstances, from Miriam, who explores her bisexuality, to the youngest, Aron, who is still spending half of his time living in the Orthodox Jewish community. 

When was ‘My Unorthodox Life’ filmed?

New York City is the epicenter of My Unorthodox Life’s filming, but the show does venture into Munsey, the Hamptons, and even France. This might lead viewers to wonder when exactly the show’s filming took place. Although dates are never explicitly stated, there are significant clues. Reality Titbit narrows down a timeline with the e1972 Fashion Show featuring Bebe Rexha. The fashion show was in February 2020, and likely the rest of the show was filmed at about the same time. This means filming took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Haart actually addressed the complexities of filming during the coronavirus in an interview with Women’s Health. She explained that everyone tested for COVID-19 daily and wore masks when not on camera. She gave Netflix a lot of kudos, explaining, “It was an extremely intense health regimen. And luckily for us, if I’m not mistaken, no one got sick in our productions. Netflix did a great job of really keeping everything safe and having so many safety protocols and procedures.”

Will there be a season 2?

With a decent size fanbase, anticipation for the second season of My Unorthodox Life seems probable. Netflix, however, has yet to announce whether a second season is in the cards. There is no doubt that the family has plenty of stories left to tell. There is endless content with Haart’s daughters exploring possible motherhood, professional success, and balancing religion with modern living. Haart’s ex-husband even recently announced he is moving to a different community and is engaged to be married for a second time.

Yet, even though all My Unorthodox Life has a lot going for it, there has been mixed reception. The IMDb scores hover around five, which is not great. Similarly, Rotten Tomatoes gives the series a 44 percent audience score. Even so, there are still many storylines to explore, so expect a definitive answer to renewal soon.

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