NCIS fans convinced Tony will replace Gibbs after major Michael Weatherly announcement

NCIS release sneak peak of ‘All Hands’

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Michael Weatherly recently announced his departure from CBS’ Bull, where he has starred as Dr Jason Bull since 2016. With the news of his exit, tons of fans have anticipated Weatherly could make his big return to NCIS as Tony DiNozzo.

On Wednesday, Weatherley took to Twitter to announce the cancellation of Bull and therefore the departure of his character.

His statement read: “Hello all! It’s been my privilege to play Dr Jason Bull but after 6 Seasons of incredible storylines, I’ve decided it’s time to pursue new creative challenges and bring his story to a close.

“It has been an honor to work with this talented cast, crew and writing/producing team who helped reinvent the legal drama.

“Stay tuned for a big series finish…Thanks to all the fans from the bottom of my heart. You will always be a part of our Bull family!”

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This came as a huge shock for viewers who were waiting and expecting to hear a confirmation of the show’s next instalment.

Instead, the news of his exit left many fans heartbroken, however, CBS weren’t able to either announce an upcoming seventh season as there was an internal investigation happening.

In May 2021, the first major departure was announced when Showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron and co-star Freddy Rodriguez left the show because of the investigation.

Although CBS refused to comment further, TV Line reported, the investigation came about when a number of writers quit when it wrapped production on Season 5.

They had accused the departed showrunner of “fostering a disrespectful work environment.”

The allegations stated Caron was callous and often berated the writing staff, which led to Caron’s overall deal with CBS Studios being terminated.

With Weatherly’s exit tons of fans anticipated what the actor will get up to next and the common idea was to return to NCIS and reprise his role as Tony DiNozzo.

Girlswit224 was one of many viewers who tweeted: “Oh please bring DiNozzo back to NCIS so miss him.”

JNoniewicz wrote: “Nooo, thank you for the 6 years, I have enjoyed Bull a lot after NCIS!!!!! Looking forward to your next adventure….maybe replace Gibbs and take over the team???? Best of luck Michael Weatherly.”

Stacy_Lyn_70 agreed: “I’m so sad to see it end. Good luck on your next adventure. Can’t wait to see where it leads. PS NCIS maybe??”

JL_Aug1958 added: ”Oh pleasssse come back to NCIS you could replace Gibbs, still hurting over him leaving. You coming back would def take the sting out.”

After Weatherly’s emotional departure from NCIS in 2016, the next member of the team to leave viewers in tears was Gibbs, which came after he decided to exit the show after 18 years.

In recent years, Weatherly has hinted at his return to NCIS in major ways, he had previously shared a behind the scenes photo of himself in front of the camera and captioned the post: “#NCIS camera is king.”

In 2021, he teased his return yet again by posting an old magazine from 2013 which had his character and Gibbs on the cover, captioned: “That time this happened #NCIS.

If Weatherly was to return in the coming episodes and replace Gibbs, it would make him the NCIS Special Agent in Charge of the entire NCIS Major Case Response Team.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if this will eventually be the case.

NCIS season 19 airs every Monday on CBS in America. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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