‘NCIS’: Gibbs Is Surprisingly Nice in This Episode

NCISboss Leroy Jethro Gibbsisn’t known for being nice. He tends to speak his mind, and he doesn’t smileeasily. However, during NCIS Season 3, Episode 1, Gibbs is completelyout of character. He’s actually nice to his team and seems more concerned abouttheir needs. Here’s Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s take on Gibbs’ personality change.

What happens before Gibbs suddenly becomes nice

Before we see the nice version of Gibbs during the season 3premiere, a lot happens during the season 2 finale. Sadly, AgentKate Todd is unexpectedly shot and killed. The first bullet is lodged inher vest, but the second bullet hits her in the head. Gibbs and DiNozzo havethe misfortune of witnessing her death. Neither of them ever seems to fully getover her passing.

Gibbs is (temporarily) nicer after Kate Todd dies

Gibbs is so shaken by Kate’s murder that his personalitysuddenly shifts. The shock and stress of this event causes him to become verynice. When Gibbs returns to the office he sits at his desk, staring at Kate’s emptychair. Then Kate’s ghost appears, and she’s clearly angry about what happened(this is likely a manifestation of Gibb’s guilty conscience). Kate’s ghost says,“Why me, Gibbs? Wasn’t stopping one bullet enough for you? Why did I have totake two? Why did I die instead of you?” Gibbs weakly responds, “I don’t know.”

When DiNozzo and McGee arrive, Gibbs is suddenly a lot nicer. It’s raining outside, but DiNozzo tells Gibbs he’s going to do more investigating on the roof. Gibbs walks up to DiNozzo, who braces himself for a “Gibbs head slap.” Instead of getting slapped on the head, Gibbs tells DiNozzo to change into dry clothes first. “Tony, you’re soaking wet,” says Gibbs. “Go put some dry clothes on.” DiNozzo is surprised and confused by Gibbs’ behavior.

Furthermore, Gibbs usually doesn’t get coffee for anyone,but this time he offers McGee and DiNozzo a cup of coffee. “I’m going forcoffee,” says Gibbs. “Can I get you boys some?” McGee and DiNozzo give eachother a surprised look before declining the unexpected offer. Gibbs also addressesMcGee by name instead of calling him probie.

After Gibbs leaves to get coffee, DiNozzo says, “That’s afirst.” Then McGee says, “He called me Tim.” McGee says it’s nice Gibbs is beingkind to them, but DiNozzo isn’t so sure. “Nice? I don’t want nice. He’s notGibbs if he’s nice.” According to Abby, Gibbs is always kind, but DiNozzo hasn’thad the same experience. During an exchange in Abby’s lab, he says things atthe office seem weird to him because Gibbs is nice. “Gibbs is always nice,”says Abby. “To you and Ducky, maybe,” says DiNozzo. “Me, he growls at andsmacks on the head.”

DiNozzo doesn’t handle Kate’s death well

On the other hand, DiNozzo becomes very mean. He spendsabout three minutes taking out his anger on poor McGee. He becomes sarcasticand slaps McGee on the back of the head. DiNozzo misses the mean version ofGibbs, so he tries to say and do things that will get under his skin. He’ssuccessful and Gibbs eventually returns to his old self—head slap and all.

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