New Winter TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers

Plus: Ted Danson’s “Mr. Mayor” and “The Masked Singer’s” dance-centric spinoff

Is it cold in here, or is it just “The Hustler’s” TV ratings? TheWrap has ranked the Big 4 broadcast networks’ (CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC) new series by the viewership for their winter 2020-21 debut episodes.  Thus far we have 10, with more on the way.  Also Read: Here Are the Premiere Dates for Broadcast TV’s New and Returning Winter Shows (Updating)

Rank: 10  •   Show:  “The Hustler”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 1.993 million   •  Hustlin’ skills will need to improve if this show wants to get away from the bottom of the Nielsen chart.

Rank: 9   •   Show:  “The Great North”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 2.275 million   •   Way too far south on this list to be great.  

Rank: 8   •   Show:  “Name That Tune”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 3.036 million   •   It ain’t the old days of TV ratings, but this’ll do. (Especially for Fox.)

Rank: 7   •   Show:  “Call Your Mother”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 3.227 million   •  A premiere audience that not only a mother could love.

Rank: 6   •   Show:  “The Masked Dancer”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 4.123 million   •   Doing its parent series, “The Masked Singer,” semi-proud with a strong-enough debut audience, which came on the heels of an NFL doubleheader.

Rank: 5   •   Show:  “Mr. Mayor”   •   Net: NBC   •   Total Viewers: 4.917 million   •   Ted Danson comedy was NBC’s most-watched sitcom debut since 2017 — Cheers!

Rank: 4   •   Show:  “Call Me Kat”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 5.372 million   •   Mayim Bialik’s new sitcom lapped up a whole bunch of viewers — for a comedy, especially for a Fox comedy — but it also followed a good NFL game.

Rank: 3   •   Show:  “The Chase”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 6.203 million   •   Just chasing “The Equalizer” (with a big asterisk) and “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” — for now.

Rank: 2  •   Show:  “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 7.831 million   •   NOT Bankrupt.

Rank: 1   •   Show:  “The Equalizer”   •   Net: CBS   •   Total Viewers: 20.4 million   •  Immediately following Super Bowl LV, “The Equalizer” bowed to what appears to be a whopper of an audience. But, in context, the Queen Latifah drama drew the third-smallest audience ever for a show that had the Super Bowl as its lead-in.
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