Next James Bond casting – Barbara Broccoli on monumental decision

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Next week marks the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, but who is replacing Daniel Craig? Barbara Broccoli has given a much-anticipated update, spilling how EON Productions are going about the 007 reboot and casting a new Bond.

Speaking with Empire, Broccoli admitted: “Well the thing is it’s not just casting a role. People think that when they say, ‘Oh who’s going to play him?’ When you change the actor, you have to reimagine the direction that the film’s going to go in. It’s a monumental decision and it’s a decision… when you hire an actor, you’re hoping that you’re going to be spending a decade at least with that actor making three, four or five films with them.”

Craig himself was cast in 2005, beating a young Henry Cavill to playing 007 in Casino Royale. The longest-serving Bond actor starred in five movies as Ian Fleming’s spy before handing in his Licence to Kill so explosively at the end of No Time To Die. 15 years after his debut.

Broccoli continued: “So you have to kind of think through what is the trajectory. What is that actor going to bring? How are you going to move the series in another direction? So it’s not like flicking through Spotlight [casting] and going, ‘There’s a guy who’s 6ft 1!’ It’s far more complicated than that. So we wanna get it right and we’re going to take our time.”

The 62-year-old was also asked if they had a director in mind for Bond 26 like Martin Campbell, who helmed the last two reboots GoldenEye and Casino Royale – both of which are now considered some of the best 007 movies.

Broccoli replied: “We wanna kind of get a sense of where we want to go with the series and we need to do that first before we bring anybody else on. That’s probably something that we’ll do with Rob and Neal. We’ll start the process and then see where we go.”

Rob and Neal are Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who have co-written the last seven Bond movies since 1999. Those are Pierce Brosnan’s The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day, plus every Craig 007 movie: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time To Die.

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Considering the contract in storytelling and tone between the fantastical Die Another Day and Casino Royale, we could be expecting a radical reboot for Bond 26.

Whatever the case, one major change that’s definitely confirmed is that following The Queen’s death, 007 will now be working on His Majesty’s Secret Service.

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