Not to Brag, But Pretty Sure I Figured Out Who the Mushroom Is on 'Masked Singer'

I think we can all agree that mushrooms have always been completely f*cked up and evil due to being literal fungi with the ability to kill. And now one of them has come to life on The Masked Singer—which, frankly, may or may not be a hallucination. When it comes to mushrooms, one never knows! Either way, the time has come to determine what innocent celebrity is trapped inside this terrifying toadstool, and lucky you, the internet is already onto a few genius theories.

The Clues

The Masked Singer released a Mushroom clue package last week, and there are several important things to note.

The Theories

Anthony Ramos

Fans mostly think it’s him due to all those Hamilton references, but here’s the thing: Anthony Ramos is literally about to star in In the Heights and become an even bigger mega-star, so something tells me his agent isn’t booking him on The Masked Singer, ya know? And there are, after all, *other* Hamilton stars. Which brings us to the (very obvious) real identity of the mushroom…

Jordan Fisher

Jordan was also in Hamilton, and there’s a video of him singing the Mushroom’s chosen song, “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush. Behold, here’s the Mushroom:

And here’s Jordan:

I mean…they sound nearly identical to me, and on top of that, the moment with the judges in the clue package could be a reference to Jordan winning Dancing with the Stars!

Pretty sure this is him, and Twitter is right there with me:

Seriously questioning @MaskedSingerFOX judges for not guessing jordan fisher as the mushroom. Because SERIOUSLY.

I swear the #Mushroom is @jordanfisher ! #MaskedSinger 🍄🍄

I think the mushroom is Jordan Fisher #TheMaskedSinger

But! Some people think the Mushroom is none other than….

Billy Porter

This theory seems to be based purely on general ~vibes~ but a lot of people are on board:

That’s Billy Porter #MaskedSinger Mushroom

#MaskedSinger Billy Porter is the mushroom

I would be shocked if the Mushroom isn’t Billy Porter #TheMaskedSinger

the mushroom on the masked singer is billy porter i promise yall

The Mushroom is holding the mic with 2 hands like the leapord in season 2. I think the mushroom is Billy Porter. #maskedsinger #MushroomMask

Billy Porter?!👀👀👀👀 mushroom mask!!! #TheMaskedSinger

I guess I can see it! However, last year Billy told Distractify, “I’ve never seen the show. I don’t know what it is about,” so unless something has changed dramatically in Mr. Porter’s life, I’m still thinking it’s Jordan.

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