Outlander season 5 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When will series 5 be released?

Outlander season five is on a short break and fans were left upset when it was cancelled this week. However, the drama usually airs weekly on Starz in America and Amazon Prime in the UK. The show will be returning soon, so viewers can rest easy. Starz previously confirmed season six as part of a double recommission back in 2018. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about the new series.

Will there be another series of Outlander?

Yes, is the simple answer. Outlander season five is going to be happening after Starz confirmed the news in 2018 but sadly there was a delay on the premiere which the stars have addressed.

Season six has also been confirmed and will be coming to screens at some point in the future but there could be a delay on the series. 

However, the show could be ending on a cliffhanger between seasons five and six after Heughan seemed to hint at a long-running storyline.

Caitriona Balfe recently spoke about the possibility of season seven coming to screens and also why the show won’t surpass the novels unlike Game of Thrones.

Starz has also confirmed it plans to expand the franchise with spin-offs and other Outlander-related shows with David Berry confirming he’d be interesting in reprising his role for a Lord John Grey spin-off series.

The news was announced back in May 2018 with the network’s CEO Chris Albrecht saying: “Fans can rest assured their beloved Claire and Jamie will be back facing new challenges, adversaries and adventures in seasons five and six as we delve into American history and continue the story of the Frasers as they settle in the New World.”

Caitriona Balfe previously shared a first look shot confirming filming had started on Outlander season five last year. She later posted another picture on Instagram of the script for the new series.

Following the announcement, actress Caitriona Balfe couldn’t contain her excitement: “So thrilled to announce that we have been picked up for not one but two more seasons.

“This series has been such a dream come true and to know that we will get to continue to tell the story of these characters that we love so much makes me so bl**dy happy.”


Prior to season five, Sam Heughan was convinced that the show would be back, telling Entertainment Weekly: “We are certainly going to do it. I have no doubt we are doing a season five.”

Outlander is based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon, who has written a total of eight novels so far in the saga of the star-crossed lovers and shows no signs of stopping.

Season four was an adaptation of the fourth novel the Drums of Autumn and saw Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) building a life for themselves in the New World.

For those familiar with the novels, season four had some shocking moments that will left one character devastated.

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon recently opened up about what she thought of the series, which is going to be diverging from her novels this year.  

Gabaldon has also teased the hidden meaning behind Sassanach, Jamie’s term of endearment for Claire.

Fans have been left distracted by a promo featuring Fergus and Marsali which seemed to have an error.


How many episodes are in Outlander season 5?

Season five is slated to have 12 episodes, here is a list of titles.

  • Episode 1. The Fiery Cross
  • Episode 2. Between Two Fires
  • Episode 3. Free Will
  • Episode 4. Company We Keep
  • Episode 5. Perpetual Adoration
  • Episode 6. Better to Marry Than Burn
  • Episode 7. The Ballad of Roger Mac
  • Episode 8. Famous Last Words
  • Episode 9. Mercy Shall Follow Me
  • Episode 10. Monsters and Heroes
  • Episode 11. Journeycake
  • Episode 12. What Dreams May Come

The show will be airing on a weekly basis.

When will Outlander season 5 be released?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Outlander novels

Starz has announced Outlander season five will be released on February 16, 2020.

Ahead of the premiere, Starz has released the first scene from the new series with the moment containing a hidden meaning and foreshadowing.

The opening credits have also been released and hint at Claire and Jamie’s fate with the couple in danger as well as a possible return to Scotland.

A full trailer has now also been released and gives more insight into what’s to come including the suggestion Jamie could die on the battlefield.

Some fans also think Jamie will betray the British despite swearing an oath.

Previous seasons of Outlander have premiered at different times of the year including August, April and September.

Season three debuted in September 2017 and the fourth cycle premiered on November 4, 2018, so it seemed likely that the fifth outing will be released in autumn 2019.

However, Starz has now confirmed season five won’t be coming out until 2020.

The real reasons for the delay on Outlander season five has now been revealed by Starz executives.

The fifth season is likely to consist of 13 episodes like the previous three runs of Outlander.

Episodes will be airing on a weekly basis in the US on Starz before being made available the following day on Amazon Prime for UK fans.


Who will be in Outlander season 5?

Sam Heughan will be reprising his role as the dashing Scottish hero Jamie Fraser.

While Caitriona Balfe will be back as his wife and time traveller Claire Fraser.

The two leads were confirmed to be in the forthcoming seasons around the time of the double recommission.

It seems likely that Sophie Skelton will be returning as the couple’s daughter Brianna Randall Fraser.

Also likely to be back in the frame is Richard Rankin as Brianna’s love interest and Oxford history academic Roger Wakefield.

Laruen Lyle reprises her role as Marsali Fraser but this year there will be a change in her character from the books.

Friends star Aisha Tyler could be in the new series after she was pictured on set with the two leads Balfe and Heughan.

Some questions remain over whether Ed Speleers will be making a return as the evil Stephen Bonnet after his character appear to escape death.

There have been hints Roger and Brianna could split and go back to the future, suggesting they could leave the series.

Some fans were wondering if Jamie and Claire’s first child, Faith Fraser could somehow appear despite being stillborn. Diana Gabaldon recently addressed this fan question at New York Comic-Con.

There have been questions over whether Frank Randall star Tobias Menzies could return in some shape or form. Other have wondered why he left the show in the first place and how the characters of Black Jack and Frank Randall are related.

Viewers have also been wondering about the history of the series and if Captain Black Jack Randall was a real person. 

Some fans are wondering if Geillis Duncan star Lotte Verbeek will return and wondering why she departed.

The show features Tim Downie as the real-life Governor Tryon, who rules over North Carolina.

Some fans have been asking whether Duncan Innes will be in the series and who will play him.

The show also features some guest appearances from the likes of Bronywn James who played Fanny Beardsley.


What will happen in Outlander season 5?

Season five will be based on the fifth novel from Gabaldon’s series called The Fiery Cross as well as the sixth book titled A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The show is going to be set in the 17th century with the American Revolutionary War on the horizon.

Roger and Brianna will be getting married but one of the stars has exposed a mistake from the show.

The show is going to be set on the cusp of the American Revolutionary War when the colonies broke away from their imperialist masters.

The new series is going to be emotional after the cast reportedly broke down at the screening of the first episode

Jamie and Claire will also be on the wrong side of the battle as the American Revolutionary War looms.

He will also release his inner Highland warrior in the new series as he returns to his roots. 

According to Hueghan, the Frasers are going to suffer in the new series and face tough times ahead. 

Lord John could also betray the Frasers as they seem to be on opposite sides of the battle. However, some fans have been asking about the redcoat and his wife Isobel Dunsany.

The fifth novel sees Claire and Jamie now settled at Fraser’s Ridge in North Caroline and living happily with their family.

There have been theories Brianna could lose both her parents who will die but others think they’ve spotted a blunder involving Stephen Bonnet’s arrest.

There have been hints Jamie and Claire’s romance is going to change in the new series. 

Viewers have been wondering about the first episode of Outlander when Jamie put his kilt back on and why he did so.

But as always, their domestic bliss looks set to be shattered by the approaching American Revolution.

The pair could also be trying to find a way out of their situation and perhaps escape the US.

Some fans have been speculating that Jamie and Claire could be pulled apart in the new series by their struggles.

There have also been suggestions of a wedding in the new series but fans will have to wait and see who ties the knot.

Actor Heughan has opened up about the struggles of filming battle scenes.

Richard Rankin, who plays Roger Wakefield, has teased a new direction for his character’s romance with Brianna Fraser.

There have been hints that Jocasta could kill her lover Murtagh in the new series after he becomes an outlaw.

There will be further tensions between Roger and Jamie with the Highlander remaining suspicious of the historian.

Heughan has opened up about the challenges Jamie is going to be facing this year.

Claire could be forced to carry out life-saving surgery on a family member in the new series.

Starz recently shared a shot of Claire’s surgery at Fraser’s Ridge which suggests again this could be important.

Marsali is also serving as an apprentice to Claire now, however, there were plans for a conflict between her and Brianna which was later cut.

Some fans have been wondering about Lord John’s late wife Isobel Dunsany and whether she will be returning.


There could also be fewer sex scenes in season five after the stars of the show recently spoke about some of the more steamy moments getting cut from the fourth run. 

Outlander actor Heughan recently teased there would be a major twist in season five, which will shock fans. 

Some fans are wondering if Frank Randall’s betrayal during his marriage to Claire will be exposed.

Meanwhile, there have been theories about Jamie’s ghost being seen in the present with some suggesting he may be projecting himself through time in his dreams.

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has also spoken about how the books will be ending and revealed details about the final scene. 

Some have suggested that Claire and Jamie could be split up again in another twist.

There have been questions over whether Frank Randall could appear in another flashback, while others are curious about how he died.

Fans have been casting their minds forward and questioning when Jamie’s ghost is going to be travelling forward in time to Claire.


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Other fans have been wondering about Brian Fraser (Andrew Whipp), Jamie’s father and how he died and whether he could return.

The show could see the return of Jamie Fraser’s ex-wife Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson), with the character having links to Frank.

There have been some viewers wondering if Jamie and Laoghaire were really supposed to have got together if Claire hadn’t turned up.

Actress Balfe seemed to recently drop a hint about the forthcoming run.

Claire and Jamie’s relationship is going to change after Heughan said the characters “made love without making love”.

Diana Gabaldon has opened about how she feels towards the programme-makers’ decision to keep Murtagh alive.

Brianna could face further heartache after the Stephen Bonnet attack as she struggles to cope with the trauma. 

Many have also started to think about how the series will end with suggestions Claire Fraser could die in the past with her first husband Frank well aware of her fate.

Fans have recently been questioning whether Frank cheated on Claire during the War and their time apart.

Some fans have also been wondering why Captain Black Jack Randall hated Jamie Fraser and where this animosity came from.

The show has diverged from the series with Claire’s autopsy scene playing out differently from the book. 

Some viewers have been wondering about Balfe and her real accent after he clipped tones for Claire.


Is there a trailer for Outlander season 5?

Yes, a trailer has now a fresh dropped and gives some teasing clues about what to expect. 

This new teaser suggests Jamie might try to change history as he finds himself on the wrong side of the American Revolutionary War.

The network previously released a trailer at New York Comic-Con last year.

The teaser sees Claire suffering from lots of guilt as she talks about returning to the future.

Jamie could have to kill Murtagh after his godfather went on the run after being branded an outlaw.

Starz also released a synopsis in which it seemed like Roger and Brianna could be ripped apart. 

Some fans have also been wondering about why Claire fell through the stones in the first place and if she has a higher purpose.

Outlander season 5 airs on Amazon Prime on Mondays and Starz on Sundays

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