Outlander's Jamie Thinks Claire's an 'Angel' in Intimate Season 6 Video

Happy almost-Hogmanay! Your gift? A sneak peek at Outlander‘s upcoming Season 6 premiere.

On Saturday, Starz released a nearly two-minute glimpse of the episode, which will air on Sunday, March 6, 2022. In it, Caitriona Balfe’s Claire and Sam Heughan’s Jamie discuss a new Fraser’s Ridge tenant: Tom Christie, one of Jamie’s fellow prisoners at Ardsmuir.

Those who’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s novel series, on which the show is based, know that Tom is one of the few people who’s met Jamie Fraser and not instantly fallen in love. (The feeling is mutual.) Still, as Jamie points out in the clip above, he did offer all of his Ardsmuir compatriots the opportunity to establish a home on the Ridge if they wanted, and he can’t exactly exclude Christie.

Seeing as Tom will settle down with his children, Malva and Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Frasier take stock of the ways they’ll have to prepare for the newcomers. “A lot of mend and make-do,” Claire muses, “but we’re good at that.”

Maybe it’s Claire’s can-do attitude. Maybe it’s the way her hair is falling softly over her shoulders. Or maybe it’s just because the Frasers’ default setting is “cherish.” But for whatever reason, after recalling that Tom’s wife died while he was at Ardsmuir, Jamie then is moved to note that thinking about Claire helped him survive his hellish time as a British prisoner.

“In the prison, I saw you. That’s what got me through it. You were always with me,” he says. “Sometimes, I think you’re an angel, Claire.”

And just in case you worried that Outlander wasn’t gonna Outlander in Season 6, Jamie’s declaration moves Claire to climb on top of him and whisper, “Would an angel do this?” God bless us, every one!

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the Frasers chat in bed, then hit the comments with your predictions for the season ahead! 

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