Penn Badgely Opens Up About Drug Use in His Early 20s: I Did 'Plenty'

Crawford then recounted how quickly they were treated like celebrities saying, "I'm trying to remember the name of the manager who would always take care of us."

"We're sitting there in the courtyard between takes, he'd just come over and be like, 'Camera love you,' and just walk away."

"He's the one — when Blake and I went there to eat, it was probably when we were shooting there. They had a grilled cheese sandwich there called 'The Gossip Girl Grilled Cheese Sandwich.' And I was like, 'You should just call it The Gossip Grill.' And then, he took the menu from me and went inside, changed the name right there, printed a different menu and handed me a new menu with my suggestion. And I was like, 'OK. This is a way to live.'"

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Crawford then joked that the "new kids" of the Gossip Girl reboot, which will premiere on HBO Max, "won't get that treatment."

In May, it was revealed that the highly anticipated reboot of the teen soap won't arrive until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm so interested to see what it's like," Badgley said of the reboot. "I wish them well. I really am also interested to see how people react to it."

Both Crawford and Badgley also admitted that it's been a while since they've watched themselves starring in the popular teen drama.

“I know that I watched with my wife, with Domino [Kirke], before we got married,” Badgley said. “It must’ve been six months after we met. She had never seen it, and that’s the last time I can remember seeing an episode.”

“I remember even then, it has nothing to do with the show, but it was very hard to watch,” he added. “These snapshots of yourself when you’re 20, 21, 22 years old. Who can enjoy that? Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable.”

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