Prince William issues warning over concerns for NHS frontline: ‘We need to be prepared’

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 37, is set to feature in a new BBC documentary tonight, looking at how people cope when struggling with their mental health and what support is made available to them. Ahead of the programme, he spoke in an exclusive clip to The One Show about his concerns for frontline workers and how they will be affected by seeing the hardships of the coronavirus crisis. Issuing a warning to the end of his commentary, the senior member of the Royal Family told viewers “we need to be prepared” to help those who have been working tirelessly for the NHS during this unprecedented period.


“We’ve got this global pandemic, which is unprecedented. It’s scary. It’s making a lot of people anxious and uncertain,” the Prince began.

“I think the country as a whole is going to need a lot more support when it comes to their mental health.

“I am still concerned about what I’m hearing from the front line which is certain staff still find it very difficult in the NHS to talk about their mental health and to be open about it for a lot of reasons.

“We’ve made the NHS frontline staff rightly heroes, but in doing so, we once again give them the burden we gave our spiders fighting the war.”


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“They should rightly be hailed as superhero stars and brave and wonderful staff, but I’m very conscious from a mental health point of view we don’t alienate some of them.

“Where they feel that once they have this hero tag, they can no longer shake that and therefore they can’t ask for support.

“They have to be this strong pillar of strength when actual fact, what we need them to be is examples of positive mental health, doing the job, beating this pandemic, helping and caring for so many people.

“But also, looking after themselves so they come through this in one piece and we’re not having broken NHS staff all over the country.”

We need to be prepared

Prince William

“We really have got to be prepared for a very different mindset for mental health going forward.

“From what it looks like, certain hospitals around the country have very good support networks for their staff and mental health, others don’t.

“I want to make sure we can support the hospitals that are struggling to prioritise their mental health for their staff.”


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