Ready Player One is catnip to movie fans, gamers and Spielberg buffs – The Sun

WE’RE in Ohio in the year 2045. Humanity is clinging on to reality amid over­population, a seeming financial crisis and just about every problem imaginable. Sound familiar?

Most people spend their lives plugged into the Oasis – a kind of Fortnite mixed with Snapchat sprinkled with Tron.

In it, people can be whoever the hell they want. You know the drill; People can ramp up whatever aspect of themselves they so wish, or alter it completely.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon. But its creator is now either a recluse or dead and his trillion-dollar fortune is hidden inside the game.

All anyone has to do is find the three secret keys. Cut to The Stacks – a kind of shanty town made of static caravans where everyone is struggling for money but not bandwidth.

Gathering a crew of fellow misfits and gamers, Tye finds himself slap bang in the race for the prize.

Director Steven Spielberg and rights supervisor Deidre Banks spent years getting permission to include famous faces and games.

You start playing “spot the reference” –  but be warned! You won’t even touch the sides. Minecraft, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Sonic, King Kong and the Jurassic Park T Rex… it’s endless!

RP1 is catnip to movie fans, gamers, Spielberg buffs – or indeed anyone between the ages of ten and 70, which is the appeal of the man himself in a nutshell.

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