RHOC’s Kelly Dodd accidentally crashes reporter fiance Rick Leventhal’s live TV newscast – and flips off passerby – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd was spotted flipping the bird to a passerby in the background of fiance Rick Leventhal's live TV broadcast.

Kelly accidentally walked into the back of Rick's segment which was covering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in New York City on April 3.

But she appeared to be a woman on a mission as she marched into frame in a pair of smart jeans, a white turtleneck jumper and a long overcoat, before throwing her middle fingers up at someone off-camera.

Kelly has been flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, despite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country, and she recently came under fire for leaving her teenage daughter with her grandmother to visit Rick.

Kelly posted a pic of her daughter on Instagram and her mom Bobbi saying: "Thanks Mom for watching Jolie while I’ve been in NYC!! My loves #mom #daughter #grandparents #family."

The 47-year-old bride-to-be has been with fiancé Rick Leventhal, who is a correspondent for FOX News, in New York.

The two are planning to marry this October.

They've been at Rick's house in the Hamptons, where they met last summer, amid the coronavirus breakout but fans accused Kelly of being reckless and irresponsible leaving her daughter home and traveling during the international health crisis.

One wrote: "Get home ASAP…family first. Stay healthy and safe and safe travels home!"

Another commented: "Yes being across the country from my child during a pandemic is exactly what I would want to do."

Others said: "Yay. Head to NYC spread a little covid why don't you, brains right there…ffs.

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