RHOSLC's Jen Shah shatters glass and screams 'f**k Mary Cosby' after being slammed as 'scary' during explosive feud

REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah shattered her glass and screamed "f**k Mary Cosby" after she was slammed as "scary."

The former friends' explosive feud continued during Wednesday's new episode of the Bravo show.

Drama ensued during the latest episode of RHOSLC when Jen, 47, threw a surprise party for her husband Sharrieff Shah.

Towards the end of the party, Whitney Rose and Heather Gay took Jen aside to tell her that her good friends, Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks, had been talking behind Jen’s back to her nemesis, Mary.

Whitney claimed that Lisa and Meredith told Mary- who was not at the party- everyone that is “scared of how Jen handles situations and overall scared of Jen.”

Whitney claimed that Lisa and Meredith told Mary everyone that is “scared of how Jen handles situations and overall scared of Jen.”

Jen became angry when she was told about the rumor and quickly began to yell at them “talking s**t about me to Mary.”

Once Meredith and Lisa walked over to them, both Real Housewives denied they ever talked to Mary and said they are scared of Jen.

Whitney, who appeared to be drunk, continued to spread gossip as she told Meredith that Jen is implying there was more going on with her split with husband Seth.

Meredith said she was “aggravated” and “had enough” before saying she wanted to go home.

As Meredith tried to leave, Jen started screaming: "What the f**k is going on.”

After Whitney brought up what Mary said again, Jen screamed: “Mary is f**king crazy! Shut the f**k up about Mary, do you understand? F**k Mary!”

Jen then dramatically threw and shattered her glass as she continued to yell: “We’re getting out of here! These mother**king bitches! Let’s go, I’m done with these f**king a**holes.”

The Bravo star continued to cause a scene as she popped balloons while storming out of Top Golf.

Following her dramatic exit, her 17-year-old son Omar had to tell her to breathe and calmed her down in the car.

After Jen stormed out of the party, all of the guests appeared stunned and confused by what went down.

Jen and Mary opened up about their feud during the premiere episode of RHOSLC.

She has been vocally critical toward Mary, 47, for marrying her step-grandfather when her grandma died. 

The two women used to be good friends, though had a falling out last year after Jen had gotten back from spending a week at the hospital with her grandma who had to have both legs amputated.

Mary said she could not stand the smell of Jen, adding that she “smells like hospital.”

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