SAS Rogue Heroes stars ‘toes curled’ over parachute jump

Your first look at SAS Rogue Heroes – BBC Trailer

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SAS Rogue Heroes actor Alex has revealed how his personal experience of parachute jumping made scenes in the drama even more powerful for him. The ex-serviceman reflected on his unique role while shooting across four months in Morocco.

Not many actors can directly relate to their role when they are involved in a drama based on the Second World War.

However, after serving in the paramilitary, rising star Alex revealed how one scene brought back scary memories for him.

Asked by what scenes he found most memorable, he immediately recalled one in particular.

He replied: “The one where he jumps out of the plane for the first time and breaks his back.”

Alex added: “My toes curled because I was once in the same scenario in the paramilitary.

“Not obviously landing and breaking my back but my first parachute jump was so daunting and so scary.”

The Scottish actor recalled: “Doing it for the first time is the scariest thing.”

In the tense scene, David Stirling (played by Connor Swindells) dramatically falls and is left paralysed after his parachute rips.

The friendship created on the show with actors Alfie Allen, Jack O’Connell and Theo Barklem-Biggs reminded Alex of the same camaraderie he had in the forces.

He added: “We created quite a unique bond out there and were constantly chit-chatting.

“To have that bond with them was great but at the same time very difficult because we had this fight scene, with me and him (Theo) head-to-head so that was pretty surreal.”

Shooting the six-part drama in the desert also provided plenty of challenges for the cast.

Alex remarked: “The biggest challenge was staying hydrated though.

“It got up to 53 degrees and I would say that was the most challenging factor of the show.

“We’d also be out there for long periods with 60kg on our back to prepare which brought back a lot of weird flashbacks.

“There were times when we had to down tools due to the sandstorm as it was that bad, we had to stop.”

The incredible experience was also shared by Sex Education’s Connor.

Reflecting on his role and what it was like to film scenes like the failed parachute jump, the actor explained: “You know, he lives a sort of life as a cowboy at one point, a mountaineer and other he was searching for adventure and he was searching for danger.

“I have no idea the motivations that would bring people to do it, I meet people like that all the time, I am the most death-fearing person.

“But I think I enjoyed thinking the opposite, I gave myself a break from my own neurosis and worrying about death all the time.”

SAS Rogue Heroes continues Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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