Saturday Kitchen in chaos as Matt Tebbutt cant stop laughing at food innuendos

Matt Tebbutt and the guests on Saturday Kitchen are in high spirits today, with constant innuendos and hysterical laughter.

It started off when Matt introduced singer Jack Savoretti, and told him that he loved his singing in Italian “as a straight man”, and said a viewer wrote in to say Jack “reversed her menopause.”

They then collapsed into laughter again as Matt failed to flick his extendable metal stick to point at the screen, and gorgeous Jack quipped “it reminds me of my wedding”.

He meant a vintage car with the radio aerial, but they couldn’t stop laughing.

It went even worse, when chef Shivi Ramoutar started making her “meat and two fruit” chicken dish, and said she was liberally sprinkling “disco dust” chilli salt all over it.

It was a mixture of herbs made up of “two teaspoons of cumin, two teaspoons of garlic granules, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and then also heavy with about a teaspoon of sea salt flakes.”

Matt burst out laughing before quizzically asking “we’re just letting disco dust go?!”

He couldn’t resist though, and asked drinks expert Olly Smith if he was partial to “disco dust.”

Viewers were beside themselves laughing, and were tweeting in to ask what on earth was going on.

One asked: “Have they been in the kitchen since 4am or something, they seem to have lost their minds”

Another said: ”Disco dust? Isn't that coke?”

Laughed one viewer: “What on earth was in Matt's coffee this morning!?”

One cheekily said: “I LOVE IT when Matt Tebbutt is in a naughty mood. Producers are sh***ing themselves backstage”

Others noticed how much Matt loves Jack, joking about his “man crush” as he raved about how cool he was when he said he used to live on Portobello Road.

Fans are loving the chaos today, with Shivi also telling Matt off and bossing him about.

“She can boss me about any day” enthused one fan.

Jack’s supporters are hoping he has his “food heaven” of steak and chips.

It’s the 15 year anniversary of the show, and they have been sharing their favourite memories.

They went on to reminisce about the old omelette challenge with Rick Stein, saying some very competitive chefs wanted to know the make of the pan to practice in advance.

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