SEAL Team’s Blackburn and Davis stars tease ‘fights’ over set item

SEAL Team: Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand give a tour

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The sixth season of SEAL Team drew to a close in November with a number of heartbreaking storylines that have left fans keen for more. As Clay Spenser’s (played by Max Thieriot) demise shook Bravo to its core, season seven, if renewed, will have to deal with the grief the likes of Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and the team will endure. In the meantime, as fans wait for a season seven renewal, stars Toni Trucks and Judd Lormand have taken fans behind the scenes of some of the show’s most recognisable spots.

In the playful featurette shared to SEAL Team’s Instagram page, Trucks and Lormand took fans inside the team room fans know so well.

The pair’s chemistry was clear from the off as Lormand challenged Trucks to a “chair race” across the set.

Lormand began: “Today, we’re gonna give you a little bit of a tour. 

“We’re gonna start off here in our team room. This is DEVGRU. And as you can see, it’s a top-secret area.”

Trucks weighed in: “Very top secret. So, the first stop… get rid of your cell phone. Got to put it up in the slot.”

“They have a very secret code,” Lormand added as Trucks turned her back to the camera and entered the digits.

As the pair entered the team, Trucks pointed out: “The main feature of our team room is our extremely long table. 

At this point, Lormand chipped in to cheekily reveal the cast “fight” over the clicker in the room which often goes to the character presenting during scenes.

“We will fight over the clicker,” Lormand teased as Trucks agreed: “We like to fight over the clicker. 

“We have a little clicker that will change the picture. So we’ll just say, ‘Who’s gonna do the clicking?’”

“Correct. Correct,” Lormand interjected before conceding: “Also, it’s usually Davis.”

The pair weren’t done there as they also gave fans another insight into the stars’ acting techniques when in the team room.

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Lormand continued: “Also one thing that we like to get straight… this is our stance. 

“There’s arms crossed, and when you get serious, there’s the hands on the table.”

As the pair laid their hands on the table to demonstrate the stance, Trucks gave another tidbit of information.

“A little Easter egg, if you’re looking real close, you might see little Blackburn,” she said, referring to Lormand’s little finger.

The pair began to wiggle and tap their little fingers on the desk, poking fun at the movement Lormand inadvertently does when filming.

“That’s the Easter egg,” Trucks added before Lormand weighed in: “Yes, check that out. That’s in a few episodes.”

Trucks and Lormand will likely reprise their roles in SEAL Team season seven, although news of a renewal remains to be seen for now.

SEAL Team seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Paramount+ now.

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