Sophie Kasaei reveals her abs as she stuns in all Gucci bikini after incredible body transformation

SOPHIE Kasaei's insane body transformation has blown fans away as she showed off her figure in a designer Gucci bikini.

Last month the Geordie Shore star finally managed to show the fruits of her labour on a trip to Ibiza with Charlotte Crosby after lockdown rules were lifted.

And she's kept up the momentum with a sizzling swimwear snap for her followers on Instagram.

Looking better than ever, Sophie revealed her slimline waist in the outdoor snap.

It left one follower writing: "Wooooooooooow 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥."

While another posted: "You’re looking incredible girl 🔥 😍."

As a third wrote: "Girl you are looking really well these days🙌🙌."

Sophie lost an impressive 10lb during lockdown – by ditching takeaways and service station dinners for healthy home cooked meals.

The 30-year-old shifted the weight in just two months, but told The Sun she had no idea what size she is.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, as part of Doll Beauty’s coronavirus campaign to fundraise for NHS nurses, Sophie said: “I’ve lost about 10lb during lockdown – that’s in two months, so a pound a week.

“That’s just because I’m not eating takeaways and I’m not travelling up and down the country for work, stopping at services for meals. I’ve been cooking really healthy meals for myself.

“When I get up, I workout straightaway with my dad for an hour, because that makes me feel great. Then I’ll have brunch with my dad and get a few jobs done, walk the dog.

“My diet has been so good during lockdown, I’ve been able to eat healthy meals and not eat out. Even though it’s a s*** situation, I’ve really been enjoying having the time off.”

Sophie, who previously unveiled her two-stone weight loss in 2018, says she still has no idea what size she is.

She said: “I don’t know what size I am, I could buy a size 8 jeans or a size 12. I don’t think there are many girls the same shape, so size is a weird one. 

“A T-shirt I’ll buy in a size 8 for tight fitting but if I want it baggy I’ll buy a size 14. I lost all my weight about two years ago, since then I’ve just maintained it.

“I don’t worry about gaining a couple of pounds, if I do put weight on I know I can easily lose it, because I know exactly how my body works. 

“If I over indulge, I don’t put myself down about putting weight on. That’s not me at all. 

“I lost weight over a long period of time, it wasn’t ‘oh my God I’ve just lost five stone’. It took me three years to lose that weight.”

Sophie, who joined Geordie Shore as an original cast member in 2011, said she never saw herself as “big” during her party girl days, when her weight hit 10st 9lb.

She said: “When I look back, I just remember how indulged I used to be with food. 

“My whole life revolved around food, I’d be eating breakfast and thinking about what I was going to have for dinner, I was just food obsessed. 

“I thought I could eat what I wanted. Looking back, I never ever thought I was big. I had one of those mindsets where I thought I was smaller than I actually was. 

“I don’t know if I had body dysmorphia, but the other way round. I genuinely thought I was a lot smaller.

“I think that’s probably why I was unhealthy for all those years, because I genuinely thought I was normal.”

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