Stacey Solomon breaks down in tears and says she hasn't slept for two days after her grandma was rushed to hospital

STACEY Solomon broke down in tears and told fans she hasn't slept for two days since her grandma was rushed to hospital.

The mum-of-three was moved to tears by her boyfriend Joe Swash's kindness as he tucked her up in bed with her favourite chocolate after a fraught few days.

Stacey's grandma fell ill on Tuesday and she hasn't been able to visit her because of coronavirus restrictions.

She has been worried sick about her beloved grandma and hasn't been able to sleep.

"Joe decided to surprise me with some treats and he made the bed (terribly but it's the thought that counts)," Stacey shared on Instagram.

"I love him so much… Having a little sniffle.

"(Actual sob) I'm going to try and have an early night.

"I haven't slept since Tuesday night.

"We got some more positive news about Grandma this afternoon so I'm going to try and stop worrying and catch up on some sleep."

Earlier this week Stacey revealed to fans she had a "really scary" night after her grandma fell ill – explaining she can't visit her because of lockdown.

The Loose Women favourite shared the news on Tuesday morning, apologising for her silence on social media.

Stacey, 31, explained: "Sorry I've been so quiet, my grandma isn't very well.

"Last night was really scary but looking much more positive this morning so we are all hoping and praying for the best…

"We aren't aloud (sic) to visit obviously because of lockdown and as much as we are desperate to give her a cuddle we hope we won't need to visit."

The mum-of-three continued in her Instagram story: "We are thinking of you Grandma ALAWAYS, and hoping and praying that when this lockdown is over we can safely come and celebrate your birthday with you next month…

"For now I'm going to keep myself busy as much as possible and think happy thoughts…."

The former X Factor singer then went on to share plans to take her youngest son Rex, one, to the garden centre to pick up a gift for her beloved grandma.

In September, Stacey was all smiles when she was reunited with her grandma after months of lockdown during a camping trip with Rex and boyfriend Joe Swash.

But she expressed heartache at not being able to "cuddle" her elderly family member.

The star shared a sweet video of her granny interacting with smiling Rex at a restaurant, with Stacey explaining in the caption: "We've drove a little way to come and see my grandma.

"She lives quite far from us… I just love her so, so much and feel so lucky to have her in our lives, I want to see her as much as I can."

Referencing social-distancing rules protecting vulnerable people amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Stacey added a crying emoji as she continued: "I can't wait to properly be allowed to hug her again."

Stacey's worries for her grandmother come as the bubbly personality was trolled for letting her kids sleep clothes in her bed at 10pm.

She shared a snap of her kids sprawled across the couple's bed – and revealed she'd received backlash for the honest post on Instagram.

In a screen grab of a comment she received soon after, it read: "You let them go to bed at 10pm fully clothed, in your bed? Not sure how healthy this can be for them and for you and Joe to sleep among it all!"

Stacey didn't respond directly to the comment and instead she shared a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Stacey added in her own words: "Don't give your consent. Do what works for you unapologetically, always."

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