‘Take it away from him’ Lewis Hamilton told to hand back SPOTY award after ‘gross’ video

Sports Personality of the Year: Lewis Hamilton receives award

Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins presented Good Morning Britain today as they discussed this year’s SPOTY winner Lewis Hamilton. The Formula 1 racing driver shared a video of himself sharing a slice of cake with his dog Roscoe but Adil was not impressed with the clip and demanded the sportsman should hand back his award. 

The SPOTY winner shared a video of him tucking into a slice of vegan cake with Roscoe on his Instagram page dedicated to his beloved pet. 

However, GMB presenter Adil was horrified by Lewi’s actions and proceeded to suggest the racing driver was no longer deserving of his recent accolade. 

After watching the video, Adil shouted: “No, no!”

“What is he doing? I love [my dog] but I wouldn’t do that.

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“I let him lick my face occasionally but never that.”

“He’s not the Sports Personality of the Year,” Adil added. “Take it away from him!”

Lewis’ fans shared Adil’s sentiment as one commented: “No don’t do that it is gross man.”

Someone else remarked: “#GMB Lewis Hamilton sharing a cake with his dog NO!! just No!!”

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However, other fans found the cake-sharing cute as one said: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day thank you Roscoe.”

“Love this Lewis – you treat Roscoe exactly how dogs deserve to be treated,” another shared. 

“This is so cute but I would never share my cake…,” a third added.

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