Teen Mom Briana DeJesus and family slammed for 'throwing money' at dancing daughters Nova, 9, and Stella, 3

TEEN Mom Briana DeJesus and her family have been slammed by fans for 'throwing money' at her dancing daughters.

The relatives were celebrating as Nova turned nine with a TikTok themed birthday party.

The house was decorated in the social media channel's logo and colours, as Nova and her younger sister Stella, 3, took to the dancefloor to show off their gymnastic moves.

In the video uploaded to Instagram by Nova's dad Devoin Austin, as the children ended their routine by doing the splits, fans complained they 'had money thrown at them'.

One Teen Mom follower wrote on Reddit: "This is so trashy on so many levels.

"Nova and Stella are gymnasts, so their moves are awesome, but why “make it rain” on children?!?!?!"

"The only dancers I know of irl that get money thrown at them are strippers," commented one.

"So watching the little gymnasts get dollar bills made me uncomfortable."

Another added: "Same, it was kind of cringeworthy to me."

But others defended the 26-year-old reality star.

One said: "I don't think she was “making it rain” for the kids per se.

"I remember as a child, my cousins and I would dance for our family at gatherings and they’d give us money. Nova is in gymnastics.

" I don’t think there was anything inappropriate other than the fact that they’re having a large gathering with no masks during a pandemic."

Briana also shared a series of videos to her Instagram stories showing her first born celebrating her big day and attempting to blow out the sparkler on her black, blue and red three-tired cake.

There were several family members at the party including Briana's own mother Roxanne DeJesus.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member is also mom to Stella, her daughter with ex boyfriend Luis Hernandez.

The mother-of-two recently blamed alcohol for making her go home with Luis the night he 'gave her an STD.'

During this season of Teen Mom 2 Briana admitted that she had a lapse of judgement and went home with her baby daddy.

Briana shared a friend's Instagram story on her social media feed from the night when she left the club with Luis Hernandez and slept with him.

"Everybody was lit that night. Blame it on the Henny," the caption read.

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