Teen Mom Jenelle Evans accused of 'bad parenting' after she fails to 'properly buckle' daughter Ensley, 4, into car seat

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans was accused of "bad parenting" after she failed to "properly buckle" her daughter Ensley into the car seat.

Jenelle, 29, shared a snapshot of Ensley, four, while she was sleeping during the car ride.

The caption stated that her little one "was wiped out from memaws."

Teen Mom followers raced on over to Reddit when they noticed Ensley was not "properly buckled" into her booster seat.

A fan said: "Is she even f***ing buckled at all? Holy f*** just having to slam the breaks would send her flying into the seat. Never mind if someone rear-ends her or t-bones her. JESUS."

Another fan wrote: "…Is she even wearing the damn seat belt period?"

A third person added: "That's all lazy and bad parenting. There's no excuse for this at all. But it's not like Jenelle is going to take an extra thirty seconds to get her child buckled properly. I'm so disgusted by J and D."

Another commentator chimed in: "I don't understand not buckling in kids and not wearing a seat belt. I'll never understand people like that. No common sense."

Jenelle has been married to David Eason, 33, since 2017.  

David and Jenelle share their daughter Ensley.  

Andrew Lewis, 32, is the father of Jace, 11, and Jenelle's ex. 

Nathan Griffith, 33, and Janelle share their son Kaiser, six.

Earlier in the week, Jenelle clapped back at a troll who told her to "go take care of your kids."

In a TikTok video, the ex MTV star drank back a beer while responding back to the troll's comment. 

Jenelle said: “See, people like you, they get pissed off at me for like no apparent reason. Y’all need to take a chill pill.

“If someone upsets you from their channel, page, profile, just keep scrolling.

“Keep scrolling, cause I guarantee you you don’t know me personally enough to know when I wipe my child’s a** or when I wipe my a**.

“I don’t think I need to say anymore because my followers will probably tell you.”

Recently, Jenelle shut down claims that she was allegedly "high" during her TikTok video. 

The Teen Mom 2 alum had a rational explanation as to why her pupils appeared to be seemingly dilated. 

The former TV personality insisted that her eyes were dilated because she had a side effect from her anti-anxiety medicine.

Jenelle said: "Yeah, about that. I've been taking anxiety medicine for my esophagus. I have esophagus issues.

"Now more food is getting stuck so lately I've been taking more of my anti-anxiety medicine as needed."

Jenelle continued: "Sometimes it makes my eyes dilated. Not lying to you, I have nothing to hide. Sorry.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not on drugs. And if I am they are prescribed to me."

During the TikTok video, Jenelle gushed about renting a new Airbnb for her husband's birthday 

Fans assumed she seemed more animated than usual and noticed that her blue eyes had turned completely black due to her dilated pupils.

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