Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slams fans who attack her for taking back husband Josh after he 'cheated with her cousin'

MACKENZIE McKee has lashed out at fans who disagree with her decision to take back her husband after she accused him of "emotionally cheating" with her cousin.

The Teen Mom star and her spouse reunited in the new year after she moved from Oklahoma to Florida in the Fall.

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Mackenzie, 26, recently took to her stories to shut down trolls who "don't support" her family and decisions.

The reality star clapped back at haters after she was forced to hide the comments on her Valentine's Day Instagram post with her husband Josh, 27.

The mom of three wrote: "I nearly forgot I am not longer aloud [sic] to post a photo with my children's father and not turn the comments off…."

"If you do not support me and my family, it's super simple, free, and easy to unfollow," she urged.

"I've explained this time and time again," she complained before adding: "Josh and I were separated, I was seeing someone, and my stupid cousin was giving him 'advice' and supposedly taking my side."

"I really try to stay quit [sic]. But seeing 'you took him back after banging your cousin' is getting ridiculous," she slammed.

"I am stupid, but damn I am not that stupid," Mackenzie continued.

The MTV star then explained that her cousin in question is "twice" their age,and although her "advice" to Josh was "not ok" in her eyes, fans are "making" up stories that aren't true.

The reality star then asked haters to "unfollow" her, closing: "I'd love to post family photos without you all calling me trash for being with Josh."

Mackenzie went public with the shocking allegation that Josh was cheating on her with her cousin in May of last year.

The dramatic claim came just months after her mother Angie passed away from brain cancer in December of 2019.

After making a "random" choice to look through her husband's calls and texts, she realized he was communicating with another woman "3-600 times per month."

With further investigation Mackenzie realized the woman was her cousin, Ashley, causing her to out Josh for his indiscretions on social media.

Their marriage was then in shambles, as the Teen Mom OG star sought to backtrack on her statement, saying: “I never used the word 'banging' or 'cheating' please stop stalking and digging for relatives and invading privacy.

“Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me and to me that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away. Now let’s all move along.”

In the new season of Teen Mom that premiered late last month, the pair seemed on the rocks as Josh was unsure where he stood with the mother of his children.

Mackenzie moved to Florida in September, as she purchased a $300,000 beachside home for her family.

The couple has since reconciled their differences, as in January The Sun reported that Josh had also moved down to the sunshine state in the New Year.

A neighbor of the family revealed: “Josh has been living there for two or three weeks now.

“She’s been really happy, she's laughing and singing all day long. She doesn't stop! She’s happy, for sure. She’s glad he’s there.

“Josh looks at home, too. They’ve taken to Florida life. It’s a perfect place to raise a young family.”

Mackenzie has recently gone on the defensive against fans who believe her forgiveness to be short-sighted.

After sharing photos from a waterpark weekend with Josh and the kids earlier this month, a concerned fan commented: "Josh sucks as a husband. He’s been with Mackenzie for how long and he still can’t open up to her?"

The TV personality jumped to his protection as she replied: "MTV and cameras are not for Josh.

"Does your spouse open up infront of you with a million people watching? Some can and some can’t."

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