Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus slammed for letting her daughter, 9, have a pet SNAKE – which has already bitten her – The Sun

TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has been slammed for letting her nine-year-old daughter Nova have a pet snake – which has already bitten her.

Outraged fans asked the reality star "what are you thinking?" after she shared a snap of Nova with the reptile coiled around her shoulders.

Briana, 25, explained in her Instagram Stories that her ex, Nova's father Devoin Austin II, had bought the snake.

She wrote: "Can't believe her dad gave in and got her snake. Ima beat his a**."

The MTV star then said she wasn't sure what gender the snake was, or what they should feed it.

She later admitted there'd already been a casualty.

Briana tweeted: "This damn snake already nibbled on Novas finger. I am done."

Her followers couldn't believe they were keeping a pet snake in the house.

One baffled user said: "You got them a snake??"

Another wrote: "What damn snake? Hate those things! What r u thinking woman?"

A third added: "They will and when they get bigger they will still do it…"

It comes after Briana was criticized for taking Nova and her other daughter Stella, two, to the beach for an entire week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She sparked backlash after tweeting on Sunday: "Beach vibes for the whole week bye bye Kissimmee."

She also shared a series of snaps of the beach in Florida on her Instagram Stories, as well as a clip of a cruise ship alongside the comment: "I would hate to be stuck on a cruise ship during this time."

The mom-of-two's followers blasted her for taking daughters Nova, nine, and Stella, two, to the beach despite warnings to stay home.

One wrote: "That's the dumbest idea right now. Reopening anything is not the best idea for any state. For you to go to the beach right now is very irresponsible."

The MTV star was slammed last week as well for going to the beach.

One follower pointed out she could be putting her mom – who has Lupus – at risk.

Briana lives with her two daughters, her sister, Brittany, and their mother. She has received a lot of criticism during the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, fans slammed the reality star for taking her children out to a water park.

Shortly after, she tweeted Stella had a "mild fever."

The MTV star asked her Twitter followers: "Do they do testing in Orlando, Florida for this virus and where?????"

A few hours later, Briana tweeted: "Stella has a mild fever so let’s pray it’s not what I think it is."

Briana then told her followers Stella was doing "great."

In early April, Briana was slammed as "selfish" for saying she doesn't think she can be quarantined for another month.

Briana tweeted: "I know this is selfish to say and I’m sorry but I don’t know if I can stay home all of April. (Obviously I have no choice but f**k)."

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