The Bachelor's Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima Say They 'Ship' Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

Chris Harrison and girlfriend Lauren Zima couldn’t be bigger supporters of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, who have been getting Bachelor fans worked up since social distancing together in Florida due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We both love Hannah and Tyler. We think they’re both great,” Zima told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “If they can come together and support each other at a time when the whole world needs to come together and support each other, we couldn’t stan and ship that any harder.”

Harrison says he hasn’t spoken to Brown or Cameron to know what’s really going on between the two, but does send his well-wishes if they are pursuing something more than friendship.

“If any of these people can find love, if any of them find a great stable relationship that makes each other happy, then God bless them,” Harrison said. “It’s tough to find. It’s crazy to find. And when you look at the Arie’s of the world or Jason Mesnick’s of the world, and even Colton, and how they found love in such an unconventional way, and all the twists and turns, there’s no one way. There’s no magic pill. So however these people find it, good on them and I wish them the best.”

Cameron, 28, and Brown, 25, have been together since he picked her up at the Palm Beach International Airport on March 14. Romance rumors have swelled as the pair continue to document their time inside together on social media with a group of friends.

Some fans have given the pair grief for not truly isolating themselves, but Harrison and Zima say as long as they are taking it seriously, there is no need to worry.

“It’s just about being smart,” Zima said. “Listen to what the CDC is telling you, and if you pick a group of people to quarantine with, and they’re going to be your group that you isolate with and stay safe with, then great.”

“I would say to anybody, no matter if you’re a part of my Bachelor family or any family, be smart, social distance, if you’re feeling any kind of symptoms, self-quarantine, you have to respect this,” Harrison added. “If we do it now, we will all get back to work and we can get back to those silly things that we pretend to care about. You know, the tabloids and all the other silly things on Instagram and Tik Tok. But right now, we’ve got to take this deadly serious, literally.”

Harrison previously said he’d be happy to officiate the pair’s wedding if it gets to that point.

“He’s a really good guy. If they end up together, man, kudos to them,” he told Access Hollywood. “I love them both and I want them to find love, and if it turns out it’s the two of them, that’s amazing. And if they get married, hey, I’ll either be standing between them [officiating the ceremony] or I’ll be right there in the front row.”

The Bachelor host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent have been social distancing together for nearly two weeks, and have used the time to launch their Double Date nightly series on Instagram. The series finds the pair getting candid with Bachelor fans, and gives them a chance to give back.

“We just wanted to give people something fun to do at night, if they were going to stay home, which we wanted them to do,” Zima said. “We all need a sense of community right now. We all need something to look forward to, and so we wanted to give people that and then at the same time raise money. So every single day, we’ve been making donations to different charities that can help fight everything that’s going on because of coronavirus.”

Harrison, 48, and Zima, 32, have been dating since 2018 and are using their platform during this time to donate to charities, as well as donating profits from their respective Cameo accounts.

“I honestly thought we might do it once or twice and it would be this fun little thing and then it would go away,” Harrison said. “And then, there was this overwhelming response for it and the messages both Lauren and I have received, thanking us. I got a hat in the mail the other day from this firefighter who loves watching the show, and I just think it gives somebody a chance to escape and a little normalcy.”

According to a New York Times database, there are at least 144,732 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. — the most worldwide — with at least 2,527 people having died from coronavirus-related illness.

Double Date can be found nightly at 9:30 p.m. ET on Harrison’s Instagram page.

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