The Chase's Bradley Walsh snaps 'are you on a wind up?!' at Mark Labbett as pair lock horns over Jenny Ryan

THE Chase's Bradley Walsh snapped "are you on a wind up?!" at quizzer Mark Labbett as the pair locked horns over Jenny Ryan.

The 60-year-old presenter was left puzzled after the quizmaster revealed a jaw-dropping fact about The Vixen.

Mark took the opportunity to "wind up" the ITV host after his knowledge about fellow Chaser Jenny's past jobs were tested.

Contestant Nuala along with three other hopefuls took on The Beast to take home the cash prize.

During the first round, Bradley asked Nuala and Mark: "How are the fact researchers on the TV show ‘Q.I’ known?"

The host was left perplexed at the question, admitting: "Never heard of them.”

They both selected the answer Elves – which was revealed to be correct.

Mark was confident that he knew the answer and made it clear that heBradley should have known it himself.

He explained: "Well, you know a QI elf."

A surprised Bradley responded: “I do?”

Mark revealed: “Yeah that was Jenny’s job before she became a Chaser. Well, where do you think that kind of skill base comes from?”

Bradley was in disbelief at this fact: “She was not!”

“Why do you think she’s got all those green outfits?” Mark jokingly said.

Baffled the the revelation Bradley asked: “Are you on a wind-up today or what?”

“No I’m not she genuinely was a QI elf,” Mark revealed.

Nuala made her it the final round alongside fellow contestant Sarah having built up a jackpot of £12,000.

Sadly, the duo were caught by the Chaser with 20 seconds to spare and went home empty handed.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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