The Flash Postmortem: Katherine McNamara on Mia Queens's Visit to Central City and If She's Planning a Return

McNamara notes the ”Arrow“ Easter eggs left out there in the fifth segment of the Arrowverse event series

Katherine McNamara as Green Arrow in ‘The Flash’ (Colin Bentley/The CW)

Katherine McNamara’s “Arrow” character, Mia Queen, visited “The Flash” on Tuesday night, and played a role in helping to stop Armageddon, but she didn’t accomplish the goal that brought her to 2021.

Mia’s brother, William, is still out there somewhere, and it’s a storyline the actress would love to see continue in some way in the Arrowverse (one that sadly didn’t get the chance to play out in “Green Arrow & The Canaries”).

The five-part “Flash” Armageddon series was a big one for the show, forcing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to once again take on his eternal nemesis, Reverse Flash, a character Mia also aimed her bow and arrow at in an attempt to defeat the yellow-leather-wearing baddie. She also found herself possessed by the alien Despero (Tony Curran) as Team Flash worked together to finally end the chaos of Armageddon.

McNamara spoke with TheWrap about Tuesday’s plot twists, and what she’d like to see happen if Mia Queen should return to Central City.

TheWrap: The William [is missing] thing is a great running storyline. Has there been any talk with you about continuing that more at any point? In the near future, or longer future?
Katherine McNamara:
I mean, there has not been any talk with me as of yet, but I would absolutely love that. Though … I don’t know if it’s just me, because I have a personal attachment to Ben Lewis [who plays William] — but I really feel strongly about finding William. And Mia does, because she made a promise to Oliver on his deathbed to protect William and she has not done that, clearly. Now, probably no fault of hers, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel that way and that fault and that guilt. And so, a lot of what’s driving Mia is finding her brother and I think that’s something that we just have to do hopefully.

Was any of the stuff that appeared in your Armageddon ‘Flash’ episode stuff that maybe was going to be in the spinoff series that the backdoor pilot was setting up?
I don’t actually know. Actually, that’s a question for folks that are not me (laughs). You know, I certainly know we tried to weave in as many Easter eggs, both physical and verbal to kind of allude to different other open ends and other relationships and other things throughout Mia’s life that we sort of planted throughout.

You got to do a possession scene in this episode. What was it like to be able to play those different layers [when Despero possesses Mia]? It’s got to be fun.
No, it’s great. I mean, look, I’ve come [from] the world of ‘Shadowhunters.’ I’ve had my fair share of possessions. This one’s a little bit different, given that Mia doesn’t normally exist in a world where that’s a possibility. And you suddenly throw Mia in the world of aliens and supers in a very different way than she’s used to, and she’s having to play a little bit of catch up. But [that’s what makes it] a lot of fun to explore in that way. And also having someone as lovely as Tony Curran — who’s playing Despero — to answer questions and to work with and to try and take on, but also, they sent me a bunch of questions and let me do my research. And it’s always a fun challenge.

One last question: Iris told your character, ‘Don’t be a stranger because you’re in our time.’ So, does that mean we will be seeing you on ‘The Flash’ again anytime soon?
Again, that is not a question for me, unfortunately. … I would love nothing more. I think she established so many great relationships in this episode and there’s so much more to Mia and so much more of her storyline and so many opportunities that they sort of set up. I would love nothing more than to come back if they’d have me.

OK, so they haven’t filmed something yet is what you’re saying.
No, nothing. Nothing is in the can as of yet, [but] I would jump at the chance.

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