The Hills' Heidi Montag breaks down in tears and reveals she's struggling to get pregnant with second child

THE HILLS' Heidi Montag broke down in tears and revealed that she's struggling to get pregnant with second child on this week's episode.

Heidi, 34, got vulnerable with castmate Jason Wahler's pregnant wife, Ashley Slack while explaining her absence to the couple's sex reveal party.

The MTV star broke down in tears revealing that she's been struggling to conceive a second child with husband Spencer Pratt.

"I'm trying to get pregnant and that's not really happening either for me right now."

She continued: "I have a lot also that I'm dealing with okay."

Heidi also defended her behavior at a previous gathering in San Diego in which Ashley called her "annoying" while drinking.

Heidi responded: "I just wanted to go to San Diego and have fun because I've also got a lot of my own stuff going on also."

Ashley said: “I see you’re hurting and you are not explaining it."

The Speidi Podcast host replied: “Let’s just keep it calm because you are pregnant." “I did hear you said a lot of bad things about me, which is why I didn’t come [to the gender reveal]."

The sex reveal party was also a celebration of Jason's one-year of sobriety.

In a previous episode, the reality star purchased nearly two-dozen at-home tests as she continues her eager journey to have another child.

During the episode of the MTV reboot, Heidi shocked her husband when she walked in with a large bag FILLED with pregnancy tests. 

She did not hold back the glam for the premiere – dressed in a Gucci cardigan, Hermes belt and full face of makeup. 

The TV personality unpacked the many Kroger tests she picked up at a local grocery store. 

A confused Spencer, 37, questioned her bulk purchase and appeared less eager to have conceive another kid. 

However, Heidi remained adamant, and confessed she “only has so much time” to get pregnant again. 

Fans loved the moment and were amused by the MTV darling being overly prepared.

“Does buying 23 tests make her think she’ll get pregnant faster? I don’t even care, this scene sent me,” one viewer wrote with a skull emoji. 

Alongside a row of laughing emoji’s, another said: “The amount of pregnancy tests @heidimontag has.”

"How many pregnancy tests do you need Heidi? I feel like one would do it…” someone else begged the question. 

While one simply put it: “That’s a lot of pregnancy tests. #TheHillsNewBeginnings”

After years of disagreeing over having a child together, the couple welcomed son Gunner Stone in October 2017 – nine years after they got married.

In recent months, Heidi has not been shy about her desire to expand her family while Spencer appeared to still be on the fence.

On her 12th wedding anniversary last month, Heidi broke down in tears as she revealed she is "trying" for another baby with Spencer.

In an emotional post on her Instagram stories, Heidi told her followers: "Oh my gosh, I realize it's Spencer and I's 12-year wedding anniversary.

"We don't count the one in November cause that's when we eloped, but this is our legal Hills wedding and I was just getting all emotional cause we've been together for 14 years…

"We've been through so much and love each other – [we've] become stronger and better…"

As the tears started to flow, she continued: "Oh…! And what a blessing to have Gunner… trying for another one… healthy – so thankful."

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