The Masked Singer Super Nine Hits the Stage and Yes, White Tiger Is Still Terrible

Nine singers hit the stage in a two-hour special as the panel offered up some of their worst guesses yet — Chris Evans? India.Arie? Maybe they were serious when they said Oprah?!

Finally, everyone left on "The Masked Singer" came together as the long-awaited Super Nine special took over Fox for two hours.

That’s a lot of amazing singers, a lot of impressive dance moves … and White Tiger.

That’s right, the season’s most polarizing performer is back for the first time in over a month as White Tiger and the rest of Group A (Kangaroo & Turtle) joined with Group B (Banana, Frog & Kitty) and Group C (Astronaut, Night Angel & Rhino) to battle it out all together for the first time.

And apparently, this does not mean we will see everyone from this week forward. After this two-hour extravaganza, the remaining eight will be split again into groups of four to keep the show at an hour long.

But for now, it was wall-to-wall craziness and one of the most entertaining nights of television right when America needs things like this the most. We also got some of the absolute worst guesses yet from the panel, who legit yelled out "Oprah!" at one point.

Okay, that one we’re pretty sure they weren’t serious about, but they were with some of their other guesses and we were sad for them, for the show and for the whole of America when we heard them.

Can White Tiger continue to outlast legendary singers like Dionne Warwick and Chaka Khan, or was it finally his time to go? We’ve got a long way to go before we find out, so let’s get to it.

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you.



Turtle brought us all a higher love. Even though his voice didn’t quite have the power to project this the way Steve Winwood did, Turtle still has a lovely quality and tone when he sings. There’s a confident command that he carries both vocally and with his stage performance, which was filled with choreography and playful interaction with his dancers. He’s no stranger to the stage.

Guesses: In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, the masked singers this week are sharing something that they’re not. For Turtle, that meant saying he wasn’t known for just one thing.

Other new clues included that he weighs 160 pounds, he isn’t a dancer and he showed off a comic book suggesting some connection to superheroes. Robin, though is still thinking boy band, shifting to Drew Lachey this week.

Ken is thinking it’s BSB’s Brian Littrell, even referencing that the Boys had a comic book at one time. Nicole wasn’t buying it, though, shifting from Drew over to Nick Lachey.

Jenny’s Chris Evans guess is way off because dude was 160 pounds maybe before he got the Captain America super soldier serum. This may be the worst guess of the season so far!

Most of the internet is still convinced that Turtle is Jesse McCartney, though there were a few stray guesses this week like Drake Bell and Corbin Bleu.


Kangaroo was speaking volumes with Dixie Chicks’ "Not Ready to Make Nice" after talking about still being haunted by past rumors. It wasn’t her strongest vocal and she didn’t go high the way Natalie Maines does, but there’s a raw huskiness to her voice that still managed to emote. It did feel like she got a bit overwhelmed by her own story, losing the quality here and there, but she’s still a compelling vocalist (perhaps just in need of a confidence booster).

Guesses: Kangaroo revealed that she’s never lived in Australia, though her clue package did show her holding a plastic toy kangaroo as a "super clue." She also admitted to being nervous each time she hits the stage; and those nerves got the best of her a bit this week.

The judges have struggled with this one throughout the season, with clues about being a drama queen as a teen, family tragedy, an older brother and having to watch life go by from the sidelines.

Jenny marinated in the clues for a while to Amber Rose, who has had musical aspirations. Nicole isn’t doing too bad to follow the country lilt from past performances to Leann Rimes, who’s certainly had a rough time in the press, though Robin is thinking it might be India.Arie.

The internet, however, is growing more and more convinced that this is Jordyn Woods, seeking a redirect for her own career after … well, let’s just say some reality-TV based unpleasantness, though others are saying they’re getting it close, but it has to be Jordin Sparks.

White Tiger

White Tiger took his time off since Group A last performed to … get worse? This was absolutely atrocious from top to bottom, proving for sure that he is and has been the worst vocalist across all three seasons of this show. But at least he seems to have embraced it and is having fun.

Guesses: White Tiger revealed that he’d written a bestselling book, while his new clue saw him floss before shooting an air swish. Ken took a light bulb reference to watts to J.J. Watt, peeing with massive athletes.

Jenny thought swish might refer to Katy Perry’s video, which Rob Gronkowski was in so he’s her pick, and still the overwhelming favorite for this one. Nicole thought it wasn’t Rob "Gorgonzola" but might be Joe "Macaroni" from "Magic Mike," because he loves to dance.

Honestly, the internet has been so sure this was Gronkowski all season long, they just spent the show tweeting how much they wished he would go home and how terrible this was. Honestly, they’re not wrong. It was pretty rough.


It looks like these singers can’t quite shed their groups yet, as they’re still competing head-to-head-to-head. After each group performed, the audience chose their favorite from that trio, sending the one who got the least votes into the week’s bottom three. Could this finally be the week America has been waiting for?

We’re one step closer to finding out, as this audience got it right and dropped White Tiger deservedly into danger.



Kitty gave an absolutely sublime performance, easily the strongest of the night to this point. Celine Dion is not easy to sing and yet she fearlessly poured so much heart and passion into that. Kitty is one of the most vulnerable performers, and yet she has such an ease of command on that stage. Breath control has us uncertain she’s a pro singer, but she is nevertheless outstanding.

Guesses: Robert Redford helped Kitty score her first role, suggesting she’s definitely an actress. Her newest clue was just binging out Tree from last season, which turned out to be Ana Gasteyer. Did they work together?

Nicole is still thinking it might be Nicole Richie, while Jenny thinks the Redford clue might just lead to Sundance as her first break. Jenny, though, thought Tree was a Christmas movie reference and went with Vanessa Hudgens.

Robin, though, thought maybe Emma Roberts while Ken went way out on a limb with Avril Lavigne … he stretched those clues so far they probably broke.

The internet wasn’t doing much better, though, with guesses ranging from Lucy Hale to Sarah Hyland to Jennifer Love Hewitt to Lindsay Lohan to "a Caucasion woman" to really just having no idea. Kate Bosworth appears to be gaining some traction, though, thanks to the Robert Redford connection..


Banana is not a powerhouse vocalist, but he knows how to entertain. And unlike White Tiger, he can carry a tune. He just doesn’t have a lot of range or inflection. This was a good ol’ boy karaoke of Lynyrd Skynyrd that would be a huge hit down at the honky tonk. It was a total departure, with rasp and grit, than his previous crooner style, too.

Guesses: Banana called out Blue Collar guesses by saying he’s a funny guy, but he’s not "stand-up funny." His big clue was a mullet. It was enough to refocus the panel, with Jenny following the clues to a hair band guy who went country, landing on the internet’s favorite pick, Bret Michaels.

Ken picked up Nicole’s clue from last week and now they both think it might be Brad Paisley, while Robin thinks the trauma may have been his performance with Miley and this is Billy Ray Cyrus.

The internet, though, was euphoric to hear Jenny throw out the name they’ve been saying since they first saw and heard Banana perform. There are almost no other guesses on Twitter than Bret Michaels.


Frog brought the party on Kris Kross’ "Jump," which is an easy lyric to trip over. He sailed through effortlessly, telling us he has a flow and some skill on the mic. In fact, he’s so at home on these rap numbers, we’re pretty sure that’s what he does … or did at one time.

Guesses: Frog revealed that he’s not a trained dancer, but he’s clearly picked up plenty of moves from the street along the way. His big clue this week was a knight in shining armor, as well as reiterating that he’d lost his passion for performance.

Ken is on the right track with Sisqo because we’re all thinking a rapper who’s maybe been out of the spotlight for a while now. We’re not sold on Robin sticking with Omarion, but Jenny followed the knight to the Trojans to Lil Romeo.

As for Twitter, the game they’re playing each time Frog presents some more clues is seeing how they fit in with Bow Wow. So far, everything has and they’re not budging on this guess. We can’t blame them.


Not as obvious as Group A, but the vocalist who seemed the weakest out of these three performers was Banana. He’s been impressive in weeks past and he wasn’t bad, but Kitty and Frog really brought it. Would the audience support rap over singing, though?

It turns out they would, because the singer in jeopardy from this group was indeed Banana.


Night Angel

Night Angel is still the leader of the pack on this show, in a season where women are coming out strong. She was transcendent and so gorgeous on "Rise Up," her vocals had so much power, passion, range and control. It was absolutely stellar, even as we felt the mask was somehow restricting her hitting her full potential (maybe restricting mouth movement?)

Guesses: Night Angel made it clear she’s way more than just a voice, she’s a full-on mogul, which fits the internet’s best guess of Kandi Burruss, but had the panel joking that this must be Oprah.

More seriously, Robin thinks this could be Toni’s sister Tamar Braxton. Jenny took the costume literally to Brandi’s "Angel in Disguise." Ken thinks the tricycle in the clue package leads to Tisha Campbell.

At this point, Kandi Burruss stans are just enjoying her concert performances each time Kitty hits the stage, because they now this is their girl and they can not figure out how the judges can’t hear it.


Rhino rocked the house on Jonas Brothers’ "What a Man Gotta Do," but couldn’t hide that signature country twang in his voice. He’s got a natural quality and tone to his voice. It’s the kind of gentle sound that is the signature of a country singer-songwriter artist.

Guesses: Rhino dropped a clue that he’s not as tall as the panel thinks, but Jenny isn’t buying that. He also showed a slot machine and basically said to stop thinking athletes as he’s a musician who’s sold albums and been on the Billboard charts.

Nicole thinks maybe this is Vince Gill, based on previous faith-based clues, but the audience booed her on that one. Robin strayed away from vocalists to Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses.

Jenny ignored the athlete denial and the Billboard clues and pretty much all the clues except that he was saved by a woman angel to land on Derek Jeter, battling it out with her own Chris Evans guess earlier. How can she be both the best and worst guesser on this show?

The athlete denial left the internet scrambling a bit as they chucked the Barry Zito guess and focused on tall country singers like Tim McGraw or Sam Hunt. Props to him, though, as even the Twitter sleuths haven’t cracked this one yet.


Astronaut just rick-rolled everyone by sincerely performing "Never Gonna Give You Up." He struggled to move and breathe and sing all at the same time, but he has a tender quality to his voice, with a gentle innocence to it. And that falsetto! He’s not a natural stage performer, but he brought plenty of energy.

Guesses: He said he’s never had traditional voice training, while his super clue was a broken Earth record. He also talked again about how his career was derailed due to negativity when he was younger, leading him to have to start over, and maybe redirect his focus.

Jenny thought maybe all the past clues lead to "American Idol" contestant and "Star Search" contestant David Archuleta. Ken took Will Arnett’s guess from last week and has decided it’s JC Chasez.

Nicole went all the way out there with a very lazy guess based on the word "tether." Hey, that sounds like Ryan Tedder. How about him? Is this season too long for these panelists? Are they phoning it in now?

While they’re uncertain on a few of these masks, Twitter has been rock solid in their guess that Astronaut is Hunter Hayes. They have never wavered on this and only reaffirm their belief with each performance.


Another tough group without a terrible performer among them — this is going to get much harder whenver White Tiger finally goes — if we had to pick the odd man (or woman) out, we’d probably go with Astronaut. He just didn’t feel as strong or confident this week than the other two, and they’ve been more consistent throughout the season, too.

The audience, though, felt that Rhino didn’t quite bring it as strong this week, sending him to face White Tiger and Banana in the bottom three.


It is time for White Tiger to go, so what do we need to do or chant or dance or sing or pray to make that happen? Seriously, the whole competition will be elevated once he’s gone.

Of the bottom three, White Tiger is the obvious worst of them, with Banana coming in just above him. We honestly through Rhino did enough to stick around, but this audience clearly wasn’t feeling that.

Luckily, it wasn’t up to them as it was the panel who would make the final decision. Unluckily, they seem to really enjoy White Tiger week in and week out. Sure, he brings the party, but as Nicole has said a couple of times, he just sings any old note and doesn’t care. Can we demand a little more than that from our singers?

In the end, they did the right thing, sending Banana to safety, followed by Rhino, meaning it was finally time to say goodbye to White Tiger.

Robin’s final guess from the world of sports was Rob Gronkowski, but Nicole shifted yet again and went with big John Cena. Ken stood by J.J. Watt, while Jenny followed the clues right where Robin landed, echoing Rob Gronkowski.

Seriously, this was one of the easier picks of the season as it was so obviously Rob Gronkowski to anyone who’s followed sports or seen his antics, energy and dancing on the field. So good on Robin and Jenny for landing this big tiger.

Next week, the top eight get mixed up and split again as half of them hit the stage before one more goes home, Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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