The Pentaverate cast: Who is in the Netflix series?

Austin Powers trailer

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Austin Powers and Wayne’s World creator Mike Myers is making a comeback with a new comedy series on Netflix. The Pentaverate is a parody of secret world orders and organisations, poking fun of the likes of The Illuminati and the Free Masons. The six-part series will be released on Netflix on May 5 and features some very familiar faces.

Who is in the cast of The Pentaverate?

Mike Myers

Canadian actor Mike Myers will be again taking on a myriad of roles in The Pentaverate including lead character Ken Scarborough, a down on his luck news journalist who is hoping to expose the shadowy society in the hopes of getting his job back.

Myers also plays Anthony Lansdowne, Lord Lordington, Shane Salanitri, Mishu Ivanov, Shep Gordon – essentially all the members of The Pentaverate as well as some other characters.

Myers is no stranger to screens with a career since the 70s and making his name with the likes of Wayne’s World and Austin Powers as well as serving as the voice of Shrek.

The Pentaverate is one of Myers’ first big projects in a while and there are also rumours of another Austin Powers movie, according to IMDb.

Reilly Clayton – Lydia West

British actress Lydia West takes on the role of Reilly Clayton, a colleague to beleaguered journalist Ken as he tries to resuscitate his career and goes with him on his weird journey into The Pentaverate.

West is a BAFTA-nominated actress, who shot to fame last year thanks to her searing performance as Jill Baxter in Channel 4’s It’s A Sin.

She has also starred in Years And Years, Dracula, People You May Know, Suspicion and Gray.

The star will next one appearing in the drama series Inside Man, Coffee Wars and It’s All Coming Back to Me.

Skip Cho – Ken Jeong

American actor and comedian Ken Jeong as Skip Cho, a casino owner brought in front of the Pentaverate who has an extensive knowledge of weather patterns.

Jeong’s biggest roles are in Community, The Hangover trilogy, and Crazy Rich Asians. He has also served as a judge on ITV’s The Masked Singer.

The Maester of Dubrovnik & The Saester of Dubrovnik – Jennifer Saunders

Taking on a dual role as both the Maester of Dubrovnik and the Saester of Dubrovnik will be British funny woman Jennifer Saunders.

The veteran actress is of course one half of comedy duo French and Saunders with Dawn French as well as PR woman Edina in Absolutely Fabulous.

More recently, Saunders has appeared in Death on the Nile, Harlan Coben series The Stranger, and Isn’t It Romantic.

Narrator – Jeremy Irons

Acting veteran Jeremy Irons takes the role of the Narrator in the show after recent parts in Watchmen, House of Gucci and Munich: The Edge of War.

Dr. Hobart Clark – Keegan-Michael Key

American star Keegan-Michael Key portrays Dr. Hobart Clark, who is enlisted by The Pentaverate to help solve climate change.

Key has appeared in Tomorrowland and Friends for college as wells serving as a voice actor in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Rick and Morty, and Green Eggs and Ham.

Exalted Pikeman Higgins – Richard McCabe

Richard McCabe plays Exalted Pikeman Higgins, who is head of the Pentaverate’s security force known as the Liechtenstein Guard.

Scottish actor McCabe is best known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company but has also featured in a broad and diverse range of work from The Constant Gardener to A Very British Scandal to SAS: Red Notice.

Other cast members include Debi Mazar as Patty Davis, Sarah, Mhlanga as Meghan Markle, and Tony McCarthy as Liechtenstein Guard.

Further cast includes Daniel Booroff as Ergo and Gregory Hoyt as a mysterious character only known as Mentor.

The Pentaverate features cameos from Maria Menounos and Rob Lowe albeit as fictionalised versions of themselves.

Lowe has previously worked with Myers and appeared in Wayne’s World and cameoed in the Austin Powers movies.

The Pentaverate is released on Netflix on May 5

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