The Voice Recap: First-Ever Three-Way Knockout Rounds Kick Off

The new episode the long-running singing competition show features the remaining singers taking the stage to compete against each other in the first three-way knockout in ‘The Voice’ history.

AceShowbiz -“The Voice” began its Knockout Rounds in the Monday, October 31 episode. Season 13 of the long-running singing competition show featured the first three-way Knockout in “The Voice” history in which the coaches grouped three of their artists to perform individually against each other.

Team Blake Shelton kicked off the night with Kevin Hawkins, Bodie and The Dryes performing. Bodie opted to perform “Better Now”, while Kevin chose to sing “This Woman’s Work”. The Dryes, meanwhile, went against them with a performance of “Chasing After You”.

John Legend thought Kevin was “disjointed” in his performance while saying that The Dryes executed very well. Blake complimented Bodie as he said that they’ve never had an artist like him on the show before. Eventually, Blake picked Bodie as the winner of the first Knockout. However, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello didn’t want Kevin to go home as they hit their steal buttons. Kevin chose to be on Team Gwen.

Team Camila’s Chello, Orlando Mendez and Morgan Myles then hit the stage. Morgan went with “What the World Needs Now Is Love”. Chello performed his rendition of “Hold On” because it’s in alignment with what he wanted to do as an artist. Orlando, meanwhile, chose “Live Like You Were Dying” as a tribute to his uncle that passed away three weeks prior.

Gwen praised Chello for the song choice while warning Morgan that she came off a little too pageanty. Jake and John noted that Orlando screamed too much during his performance. Camila, meanwhile, appeared to be torn between Morgan and Orlando. In the end, she named Morgan the winner.

Up next were Parijita Bastola, Peyton Aldridge and Valarie Harding from Team John. Parijita picked Etta James‘ “I’d Rather Go Blind” for her song. Valarie decided to sing the 90s song “Weak” as a tribute to her husband. Meanwhile, Peyton went with “Forever After All”, a song that John thought would help him stand out.

Following the performances, Blake said that Parijita performed like she’s been doing it for years. He criticized Peyton’s body language and said that Valarie had the most solid vocal performance. Camila, meanwhile, said that she could see the fire in Parijita’s performance and loved Valarie’s tone. John complimented Parijita for owning the song both in the lyric and the physical aspect. Unsurprisingly, John picked Parijita as the winner.

The final Knockout that night was from Team Gwen’s Rowan Grace, Kique and Destiny Leigh. Destiny’s song choice was Christina Aguilera‘s “Impossible” because of the soul and high level of difficulty. Rowan picked “Vienna” to remind people to live in the now, while Kique went with “Hey Ya!”.

John was impressed by Kique’s performance and loved Destiny’s performance, though he thought the vocals could have been better. John, meanwhile, called Rowan’s vocal quality haunting. Blake said Kique might win because the two others had vocal issues.

Gwen did pick Kique as the winner. Blake then quickly used his steal to get Rowan on his team.

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