The Walking Dead season 11: Negan to die as latest promo clue fuels death theory

The Walking Dead: AMC teases season 11 of hit show

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The Walking Dead fans are patiently waiting for the final season and, with less than a month until the premiere, viewers are searching the latest trailers for any clues about the fate of their favourite characters. Fan-favourite Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has got fans worried that he will meet his end very soon after the latest promo dropped by AMC shows him trapped in a tunnel with enemy Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Will he make it out alive?

In the latest promo trailer, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is seen leading Maggie, Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), and Negan through a dark tunnel, which is presumably the military bunker Daryl discovered in season 10.

The team look set to take up a potential suicide mission in the first episode of the season, titled Acheron: Part I.

The two-part season premiere is bound to get heated as enemies Maggie and Negan are forced to team up to save Alexandria.

However, fans are concerned about Negan’s fate as the group is seen stepping into increasingly dangerous territory.

As Daryl leads them through the pitch-black tunnel, the group, with guns ready, are on high alert.

The crossbow-wielding leader is startled by a noise, worriedly asking his friends: “What the hell was that?”

The group is silent but Negan states: “That is God telling us to turn around.”

With audiences already worried that Negan could betray the group at any moment, despite promising a truce with Maggie, could Negan die in the tunnel in what looks set to be a horrifying two-part opener?

Trapped in the tunnel, either Negan could be killed by a walker, which is a great possibility considering what Daryl heard, or will Maggie have something to do with his demise?

Considering Negan murdered Maggie’s husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) a few years ago, will Maggie be able to stick to her promise that she won’t hurt Negan and try to get along?

Season 11 of the hit series will have a lot to contend with regarding the characters’ suffering as the group suffered a devastating loss as Alexandria was destroyed by The Whisperers in season 10.

Unfortunately, the Hilltop colony was burned to the ground in season nine as well so the group are becoming increasingly desperate and will continue to fight for what is left of their Alexandria home.

The group will also be battling new enemies, the Reapers, this season.

After first appearing in the season 10 episode, Home Sweet Home, the Reapers will serve as the primary antagonists for the first half of season 11.

So could this mean that Negan will die at the hands of the Reapers instead?

The Alexandrian group dealt with them in the past with horrific results, so could Negan pay the price for Maggie’s group’s disastrous history with them?

Speaking at the virtual San Diego Comic-Con, star Cohan discussed the Reapers in the forthcoming season, saying: “I think the thing with the Reapers is [our group of survivors] are on this really difficult journey, and then they’re being hunted, basically, by this group.

“They’re trying to get their basic needs met and then being [hunted] really for what just seems like sport from the Reapers,” she continued.

Showrunner Angela Kang teased: “They are incredibly skilled.

“Every single one of them is like an incredibly brutal, organised warrior… These are the pinnacle of human killers. It’s just a very formidable type of enemy to go up against.”

With Negan contending with Maggie’s animosity, the threat to Alexandria, the Reapers, and the walkers all at once, it is clear the former villain will need a miracle to make it out alive this season.

But who will take him down first?

The final season of The Walking Dead is scheduled for release on August 23 on AMC.

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