The Walking Dead’s Noman Reedus injured by ’embarrassing’ new coronavirus rules

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Following the eventual release of season ten’s thrilling finale, the cast of The Walking Dead are finally back to work for the impending 11th instalment. Before AMC and Fox once again fill screens with apocalyptic action, Norman Reedus has revealed filming during the coronavirus pandemic has led to some huge challenges.


Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) will be remaining within the world of The Walking Dead well into the future.

As well as escaping the delayed finale episode with his life, Daryl is set to return for the 11th and final season of the mainline horror series.

Moreover, the iconic zombie-hunter has been given renewed life in his own spin-off series, alongside fellow survivor Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride).

However, while the universe of TWD may be expanding, there’s still a lengthy shoot ahead before the upcoming season makes its way to screens.

Norman Reedus has been hard at work on season 11 this October, and admitted filming the show’s intense action sequences have been especially gruelling this year.

A number of TV shows have been given the go ahead to return to set, as long as extensive health and safety measures are put in place as the pandemic continues.

These include everything from social distancing to frequent COVID tests for the cast and crew.

As Reedus explained: “There’s a ton of rules now, everybody’s masked up or has shields on.”

“They take our temperature right off the bat. We get tested three times a week. We do the rapid testing.”

Luckily, the shoot has so far been pulled off without a hitch, and TWD should be able to maintain its filming schedule in time for a mid-2021 release.

However, Mr Reedus confessed some of the special treatment received by the show’s stars often leaves him embarrassed.

He went on: “Because I’ll show up on set and they’ll be like, ‘Actor on set!’ And then the people part like Moses and the sea and I’m like, ‘Excuse me, coming through.’ It’s embarrassing.”

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Following the departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) last season, Daryl has stepped up as a leader of the Hilltop pack and a vital co-lead amongst TWD’s ensemble cast.

It’s therefore no surprise Mr Reedus is treated like TV royalty on set, especially during these extra caution circumstances.

Speaking on the atmosphere during the shoot, the star admitted the social side of filming a popular television series has definitely taken a hit during the pandemic.

Mr Reedus added: “We like to hug, we like to high-five, we like to shake each other. We’re with that group. So to keep us all separated, it’s different.

“Now everyone’s away from each other, and everyone’s got these masks on, and you can’t see people’s smiles. So it’s kind of a different vibe.”

Not only have the safety measures led to some awkward moments, Mr Reedus also detailed a painful injury sustained during a socially distanced fight scene.

He continued: “Usually you’re kind of face to face and you can roll around together and have fluid movements and it doesn’t hurt your body as much – but this guy had to be away from me and he had to wear a mask on a zombie, which was really weird.

“But instead of the fluid-rolling-around sort of style, he has to stiff-arm me to get his face out of camera, so it hurt a lot more! I finally got manhandled by the zombie.”

Thankfully, the two performers reconciled over a drink, and Daryl will almost certainly get his revenge when TWD finally resumes.

The Walking Dead season 10 resumes on AMC and FOX UK in 2021.

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