This Morning viewers horrified as James Martin tells them to put lettuce in a fish finger sandwich

THIS Morning viewers were left horrified as James Martin told them to put lettuce in a fish finger sandwich.

The chef showed off his "epic fish finger sandwiches" but a few of the choices raised eyebrows from viewers.

The recipe involved making your own tartare sauce at home, as well as using fish goujons.

James low fried a lemon sole fillet covered in breadcrumbs.

He also toasted two slices of sourdough, but it wasn't until he assembled the dish that people started kicking off.

James appeared to divide This Morning viewers by including gem lettuce in the recipe.

The chef said: "Nice little bit of lettuce. Little gem I use. I always with lettuce, I blanch it in a little bit of ice cold water. It crisps it all up, it shocks the lettuce. They're going to go in there."

Fans were fuming about the inclusion of the extra ingredients, with one person said: "There is absolutely no need for rabbit food in your fish finger sandwich; diabolical behavior"

Another added: "Nup. There’s absolutely no need for miscellaneous shrubberies in your fish finger sandwiches"

A third remarked: "You don't have lettuce in a fish finger sandwich! What is this evilness

However, it wasn't just on Twitter where James received a backlash – as Holly asked if he was using frozen fish fingers for the recipe.

"It would be easier if defrosted some. My whole life would be a lot easier if I went to the freezer and defrosted everything."

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