Tom Hanks Hawks Hot Dogs in Virtual Major League Baseball Games

The Oakland Athletics have recorded the Oscar winner’s voice, which will be piped into at-home games

Let’s get into the spirit of a new MLB season with some of the biggest baseball movies that all hit a commercial home run. These are the highest grossing baseball movies of all time, ranked from lowest to highest.

  • 20. “Mr. 3000” – $21.8 million 

    Bernie Mac plays a former baseball great who returns to the league at age 47 after learning he was just a few hits shy of 3000. 

    Buena Vista

  • 19. “Major League II” – $30.6 million 

    Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen and Tom Berenger all came back for the sequel to “Major League,” but Wesley Snipes had become a bigger star, and his role of Willie Mays Hayes was taken over by Omar Epps. 

    Warner Bros.

  • 18. “The Sandlot” – $32.4 million 

    “The Sandlot” performed modestly at the box office in 1993, but it found a second life as a cult film on VHS and on DVD a decade after its release. 

    Twentieth Century Fox

  • 17. “Bad News Bears” (2005) – $32.8 million 

    Billy Bob Thornton starred in Richard Linklater’s remake of the ’70s classic starring Walter Matthau. 

    Paramount Pictures

  • 16. “For Love of the Game” – $35.1 million 

    Kevin Costner shows up quite a bit on this list. Sam Raimi directs Costner as a washed up pitcher reflecting on his career in baseball. 


  • 15. “Trouble With the Curve” – $35.7 million 

    Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams play a father and daughter trying to patch up their relationship during Eastwood’s final season as a baseball scout. 

    Warner Bros.

  • 14. “Million Dollar Arm” – $36.4 million 

    “Million Dollar Arm” kicked off a string of globe-hoping Disney movies, with Jon Hamm starring as a sports agent who travels to India in search of baseball talent on the cricket pitch. 


  • 13. “Hardball” – $40.2 million 

    This early-2000s Keanu Reeves hit stars a young Michael B. Jordan in this movie about a Cabrini Green little league team. 


  • 12. “Fever Pitch” – $42 million 

    Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore make for one of the more charming rom-com couples of late. But even more special about “Fever Pitch” is that it arrived in the year the Red Sox finally won the World Series. 

    Twentieth Century Fox

  • 11. “The Natural” – $47 million 

    Robert Redford, Robert Duvall and Glenn Close star in Barry Levinson’s inspiring classic that has been fodder for countless homages and parodies. 


  • 10. “Major League” – $49.7 million 

    “Juuuust a bit outside!” The University of Arizona baseball team did their own version of the famous scene from this film where the players all arrive to spring training. 


  • 9. “Angels in the Outfield” (1994) – $50.2 million 

    You’ve got to believe! A young Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this cute Disney movie about a baseball miracle. 

    Buena Vista

  • 8. “Bull Durham” – $50.8 million 

    Kevin Costner again. This baseball romance even received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. 


  • 7. “Rookie of the Year” – $53.6 million 

    Back when the Chicago Cubs were still lovable losers, it made sense that they might take a flyer on a miraculous young kid as depicted in Daniel Stern’s family comedy. 


  • 6. “The Benchwarmers” – 59.8 million 

    “The Benchwarmers,” starring Jon Heder, David Spade and Rob Schneider, was a hit with audiences, but much less so with critics, earning only a 25 on Metacritic. 


  • 5. “Field of Dreams” – $64.3 million 

    Even more Kevin Costner. This weepy classic went on to earn three Oscar nominations and might be the best baseball movie ever. 


  • 4. “The Rookie” (2002) – $75.6 million 

    Dennis Quaid stars in this inspiring true story of Jim Morris, who discovered well past his prime that he could throw some real heat and ended up making a major league team. 


  • 3. “Moneyball” – $75.6 million 

    Nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’s book starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill was an unexpected critical and commercial darling. 


  • 2. “42” – $95 million 

    Before he became Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman starred as Dodgers great Jackie Robinson in the biopic on his life, “42.” 

    Warner Bros.

  • 1. “A League of Their Own” – $107.5 million 

    “There’s no crying in baseball!” Penny Marshall’s hilarious story of the first female professional baseball league is the only movie to crack the $100 million mark. 


  • Get in the spirit of the World Series with these commercial home runs

    Let’s get into the spirit of a new MLB season with some of the biggest baseball movies that all hit a commercial home run. These are the highest grossing baseball movies of all time, ranked from lowest to highest.

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