Wendy Williams Confused by Joseline Hernandez Spat in New Interview

Reality TV star Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams went viral over an interview moment.

The Puerto Rican Princess and the talk show host had a somewhat tense exchange on The Wendy Williams Show, and fans watched it all play out. Williams seemed puzzled by the direction of the chat and tried to steer it back.

Wendy Williams invites Joseline Hernandez on her show

Joseline Hernandez first appeared on the reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop, in 2012 but struck out on her own. In 2020, she debuted season 1 of her show on Zeus Network called Joseline’s Cabaret. Season 2 dropped on Zeus on April 18, and Wendy Williams invited Hernandez to her talk show to discuss the new season.

She’s been a guest at least three times in the past, but in the episode that aired on April 28, Hernandez decided to go in on Wendy immediately after they greeted each other. She demanded respect, shaded Williams about her age, and said she wanted her flowers from Williams.

“Miss Wendy, I just must say this to you first. I hope you’re gonna give me my flowers today. I hope you’re gonna honor how much work I’ve put out there,” she said. Hernandez complained that every time she’s a guest, Williams neglects to give her any recognition.

Clips of the interview are floating around the internet, but some don’t include Williams’ response.

Williams sarcastically throws a flower at Hernandez

The interview went left before it really began, as Hernandez accused Williams of not rooting for her and younger girls in the entertainment business. Williams — who looked visibly annoyed — attempted to interject when Hernandez said she has the number 1 show in the country, but Hernandez did not want to hear it.

Every time Williams tried to steer the conversation toward the “shoe cam” or Joseline’s Cabaret, Hernandez kept insisting that Williams is against her and other Black female entertainers.

The entire 8-minute awkward exchange is available on The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel and at one point, she threw a flower at Hernandez on screen. And then Williams asks producers, “Can we just pull the plug? What’s going on?”

After about five minutes, Williams finally flipped the discussion to Hernandez’s fiancé, daughter, and Joseline’s Cabaret. By the time the chat ended, they threw some lightweight shade at each other and signed off.

Fans are divided over the interaction

On social media, some fans are applauding Hernandez’s actions as they believe Williams needed to be taken to task. Others defended Williams for doing her job.

Williams’ Instagram page has comments in favor of Hernandez such as, “Joseline said what she said,” and “Why are y’all still watching this show? Joseline told no lies.”

Many fans noted that Williams has always supported Hernandez. “Wendy always rooted for Joseline tho,” wrote one. “Wendy always talks nice about the Puerto Rican Princess,” added another.

Some felt that Hernandez sought unnecessary validation from Williams and chimed in with their own opinions. “Omg!!!! Bye girrrrrlll! Omg! Joseline was so insecure! When you’re confident, you never have to demand accolades. Pshhhhh!” said one commenter.

“Wendy doesn’t owe Joseline anything. This show is to promote your business not a therapy session for personal business. If you are #1 you don’t have to tell people, numbers don’t lie. Wendy literally threw flowers at her,” wrote another.

It remains unclear whether Hernandez would ever come back to the show, but fans can check out Joseline’s Cabaret on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Zeus Network.

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