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DOM Littlewood is well known British TV presenter and journalist, who reports on consumer affairs.

In April 2021 he returned with brand new morning show Dom Digs In.

Who is Dominic Littlewood?

Dominic Littlewood, 56, was born on March 29, 1965 in Southend-on-sea, Essex.

He is a television presenter and journalist.

He is known for specialising in consumer affairs.

What TV shows has Dominic Littlewood appeared on?

In 2005 Dominic shot to fame presenting a show called Beat the Burglar, where he worked alongside an ex-burglar who robbed people's homes to highlight their lack of security

He also took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2007.

During his career he has fronted many consumer affairs shows, including Cowboy Builders, Fake Britain and Bad Builders: Bang to Rights.

In 2017 he took part in The Real Full Monty for charity.

In 2019 he had a show called Dom Does America which saw him visit some of the most dangerous American institutions.

Dom turned his hand to cooking by taking part in Celebrity MasterChef 2020.

He's appeared in other celebrity specials too, such as Total Wipeout: Celebrity Special.

He also writes for Top Gear Magazine.

When is Dom Digs In on TV?

In this new series Dom joins everyday hard grafters who keep the country's essential infrastructure running.

It will be on every Friday at 11am on BBC One starting April 23, 2021.

After each episode you can watch them on the BBC iPlayer.


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