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WE know a-lot about TV chef favourite Gino D'Acampo  and his many accolades.

But it is often said behind every man is a good woman, so let's take a closer look at Gino's wife, Jessica, and the role she's played in his life.

Who is Jessica Stellina Morrison?

Jessica Stellina Morrison is TV chef Gino D'Acampo's wife.

The pair met when he was 18 working at Sylvester Stallone’s Mambo King restaurant in Marbella.

Jessica is Gino's first love, and is of half-Italian, half-English descent.

Gino has described Jessica as a "lady of leisure" and said: "My wife is a clever woman, she knows when to say something and when to bite her tongue."

When did Gino and Jessica get married?

The teenage sweethearts tied the knot in 2002.

This was after Gino's brief two-year stint in prison for burgling singer Paul Young's London home.

While he was locked up Gino decided he wanted to start a new page when he was released and has previously stated: "I was a boy, so I decided to get married and then I will be a man."

But it hasn't always been a bed of roses for the pair who broke up for a year in their younger days, but the time they spent apart made their bond stronger and after reconciling, they moved to the UK together in 1995.

What does Jessica do?

Jessica has taken on the role of housewife in the pair's marriage.

She looks after the home while he's at work, in what Gino describes as a "traditional marriage".

Jessica's role in the home doesn't mean that she isn't a formidable force in their marriage, with Gino admitting that it is his wife who ultimately rules the roost.

In in an interview he said: "I clean her car every week. I charge her toothbrush every time the battery is low, and I always bring her a bottle of cold water just in case she's thirsty at night."

This dynamic seems to have worked for the couple who have been married for nearly 19 years.

How many children do they have?

Gino and Jessica have had three children together, Luciano, Rocci and Mia.

When it comes to the children's diet, Gino is in control of what his kids consume, he said: "My kids are not allowed to be fussy eaters.

"The problem with fussy children is their stupid parents.

"I run a family kitchen and in my house we don't have options.

"I never had options, why should they?"

Out of the two parents, Jessica is the most-relaxed when it comes to the children with Gino adding; "You can see my wife look at the children, saying with her eyes 'Don't even think about it, he's not going to bend'."

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