Why is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac trending?

DREAMS by popular 1970’s rock band Fleetwood Mac has been trending on social media because of a video posted to TikTok. 

The band saw a huge boost in Spotify streams, shooting it back up the charts and currently sitting at number six on the Rolling Stone top 100 popular songs.

Why is it trending?

The song is trending on social media because of TikTok user @420doggface208 aka Nathan Apodaca, 37.

Nathan was on his way to work on the morning of September 25 and his car broke down — something that was constantly happening to him as his car had passed a 300,000 mile mark.

He decided to hop on his longboard, which he kept with him for emergencies to make it on time. 

Nathan was getting off an exit on the highway and took out his phone to record the TikTok with the song in the background.

In the clip he is seen wearing a grey hoodie nodding to the camera while holding a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. 

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is playing in the background of the video and at one point, Nathan turns his gaze to the phone and starts mouthing the words.

He appears to be enjoying his commute to work, vibing to the song despite the unfortunate circumstances that happened to him that morning. 

The video became an instant hit on the app and as of today has 10.7million likes, 46million views and nearly 125k comments. 

What did Fleetwood Mac say?

The old-school band posted their own rendition of Nathan’s video.

Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok just to copy Nathan’s clip and got almost 2.4million likes on the app. 

The band also mentioned that they had an influx of sales for the song due to the popularity of Nathan’s video.

“We owe you,” Fleetwood told BBC as he surprised Nathan in an interview. 

“It’s such a great story, and so needed in days that are really challenging. It makes people smile, and I’m so happy to be part of it.”

The band’s singer, Stevie Nicks, did her own take on the video as she was seen lacing up roller skates and singing along to the song with an Ocean Spray cranberry juice bottle in the background.

What did Nathan Apodaca say?

Due to the popularity of his clip, Nathan received a sponsorship from Ocean Spray.

The juice company delivered a cranberry-red pickup truck to the RV where he lives, filled with tons of bottles of Ocean Spray drinks.

He has also received a sponsorship from a gaming company called LEAF Mobile who will donate to two charities of his choice.

The TikToker received thousands in donations in a GoFundMe account and recently said in an interview that he will be using the money donated to him to improve his living situation.

Prior to fame, he was living in an RV without proper connection to water. 

It was stated that he will also be giving $5,000 to his mother.

He is enjoying his newfound fame and enlisting the help of his daughter to coordinate his new schedule.

“I thought work was hard,” he told the Huffington Post, laughing.

 “I’m a laborer, I could work 12-16 hour days straight, Monday through Friday no sweat. Now it’s interview after interview.”

Adding: “It’s not anything I can’t handle ― I’m just riding this train and enjoying it.”

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