You should be locked up’ GB News host Dan Wootton erupts at Insulate Britain activist

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Dan Wootton welcomed Insulate Britain spokesperson Liam Norton onto GB News on Monday night to discuss the recent protests that have taken place. While speaking to the activist about protestors blocking the M25 this week, Dan branded Insulate Britain a “terrorist organisation”. As the interview began to get heated, host Dan blasted Liam for his beliefs.

Twenty-nine environmental protesters were arrested on Monday for stopping traffic on London’s M25 motorway.

This was the fourth time in the past week protestors have blocked the busy London orbital road.

As a result it was a big topic of conversation on GB News on Monday evening and Dan made it clear he was angered by the actions of the activists.

After introducing Liam onto the programme, Dan declared: “I think insulate Britain is a terrorist organisation.”

However, Liam said: “Dan I’m not here to try and persuade you of anything because there is no argument anymore.

“So, I’m not here to try and debate you on what the situation is,” he added.

Dan asked the Insulate Britain activist if blocking the M25 was the correct method of protesting.

Liam remarked: “What we want to do is encourage the government to show some leadership on this issue.”

Dan later hit out at the activist, insisting Insulate Britain was protesting the wrong way.

He exclaimed: “You have blocked M25 four times in the past week. You’re like a little child that thinks that’s a cool thing to have done.

“You’re proud of that. Do you understand you are ruining lives, you are ruining livelihoods, you are ruining peoples health?

“I find it truly despicable and I think people like you should be locked up. I think you should be locked up because I don’t believe this is a peaceful protest.

“I believe it’s eco-terrorism,” the GB News host commented.

Liam replied: “And we agree that Priti Patel’s in a really difficult situation at the moment and we sympathise with her in terms of her job in order to keep law and order in place.

“We want to see law and order kept in place because if we don’t get this climate thing under control law and order is going to fall apart,” he explained.

“The government could end this tonight if they gave us a meaningful statement that we could trust,” Liam added.

Several GB News viewers seemed to agree with Dan and took to Twitter to slam Insulate Britain protestors.

@ANSELMO666 Wrote: “I don’t understand… why environmental terrorists are invited to TV shows.”

@colinamerritt said: “I thought the Insulate Britain protestors were as thick as the insulation they think we should use & judging by this interview I wasn’t far off.”

“Extraordinary. We could ignore the idiocy if it weren’t for the disruption on the M25, aided by the police. These people have been brainwashed by the climate propaganda we’ve heard since the 1970s when we were told we’d be fried by now,” @smarshallr added.

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