Batter mad Scottish YouTuber Dazza reveals his best and worst deep fried foods

SCOTTISH lad Darren Dowling, aka Dazza, is so barmy about batter he deep fries everything from Cadburys Creme Eggs to cat food.

The 23-year-old, whose motto is “everything tastes better in batter”, has become an internet sensation with almost 50 million views.

The daredevil diner has been posting his ‘Does it fry?’ experiments online for nearly two years.

He shares his creations with his 113,000 social media followers, but claims he isn’t trying to hide the fact his meals are unhealthy – which is lucky because some contain close to the entire recommended daily calorie intake.

Dazza, from Glasgow, said: “Scots are known for their love of deep fried food – and I love batter.

“I’ve deep fried all sorts of things and a lot haven't tasted great. But every so often I will batter something that you would think would come out horrible, but actually tastes amazing.”

The food fanatic is so dedicated to his fryer he batters something new every week – something he has done for the last two years.

He spends every spare moment talking to his fans, posting on his Facebook page every two hours – despite having a full time job.

Dazza, who works for Scottish broadcaster STV, said: “The other two guys I make the videos with work two days a week because they film on a Saturday and have everything edited by the Sunday. But for me it’s constant.

“I post on the Facebook page every two hours starting at 11am until 8pm. It’s a seven-day-a-week thing for me because I’m truly obsessed.”

Dazza celebrated his 100th ‘Does it fry?’ video last month where he battered the Swedish fermented fish Surströmming in a stomach-turning episode.

And the Scot has just launched a new series titled ‘Will it waffle?’ to test whether his favourite foods can be made into the doughy delight.

It turns out that Chilli Heatwave Doritos and Domino’s pizza CAN be waffled.

Here are Dazza’s top 10 deep fried delicacies.

1. Five Guys hotdog (745 calories)

“A deep fried hotdog is probably one of the most unhealthy things you can eat but it's absolutely beautiful.

“With all its different layers you get about six different taste sensations all at once with the bun, cheese, bacon, onions, sauce and then even more bacon. Perfection!”

2. McDonald’s Big Mac (758 calories)

“This was completely not what you'd think it would be. Everyone knows what a McDonald's Big Mac usually tastes like – but this takes your idea of a Big Mac and throws it out the window.

“Each part was individually deep fried so you can taste each layer as you bite into it.

“Absolutely wild. This is proper heart attack material, and I don't even care.”

3. German Doner Kebab (683 calories)

“I think with German Doner Kebab, most don't deep fry very well. But when you find the one thing that does – you've made it in life.

“The way the oils all merged together, it was like a happy marriage. Stunning.”

4. Domino's Pizza (small Mighty Meaty 1,700 calories)

“The people of Scotland know what a deep fried pizza tastes like, but no one had tried it with a Domino's before.

“In a chippy you usually get a basic pizza but deep frying a Domino’s with meatballs, bacon and ham changed my life. I can’t go back to normal chippy pizzas now.”

5. Greggs Steak Bake (608 calories)

“Ah, the infamous Greggs steak bake. If you deep fried this in winter, you wouldn't care about Santa coming on Christmas Day. This is all you'd care about.

“That glorious beef flavoured sauce with the crispy but soft pastry mixed in with batter and a ton of oil? THAT'S what I want for Christmas.”

6. Chicken curry pie (741 calories)

“When we deep fried a curry pie – no one would believe me that it would work.

“The two others guys in my team, Daniel and Omar, were straight up non-believers. But when they saw the beautiful creation of a deep fried curry pie, their minds were changed forever.

“The way the curry sauce heated up and was still piping hot even when we cut into it – that’s a taste I’m willing to burn my tongue for.”

7. Full English breakfast (960 calories)

“As a Scots man, I don't tend to have many English breakfasts, so when we deep fried one we went all out. We went to Blackpool and deep fried all the elements at a B&B.

“It tasted exactly as you’d think it would. Oily food mixed with a vat of oil – guaranteed to take some years off your life, but very worth it.

“We even mushed up the beans and formed it into a wee ball which was exquisite.”

8. Pot Noodle (617 calories)

“When I told my girlfriend, Emma, about this she burst out laughing and said, 'what, no way?!'.

“It was the crunchiest thing we’ve ever deep fried and pretty hard to eat. But it was actually a very tasty meal.

“It’s not the type of thing you’d eat on a bus – but definitely the type of thing you’d eat a few days before payday.”

9. Chinese takeaway (700 calories)

“This was marvellous. Imagine a deep fried ball of rice and curry sauce. Then imagine it again because I know for a fact you didn't imagine it correctly.

“If you have a deep fat fryer and HAVEN'T tried it, then you haven't truly lived your life.

“The image of the sauce oozing out of the little ball of rice lives in my memories rent free.”

10. Nando’s (790 calories)

“Nando's is a tough one. Not everything works when you deep fry it – and if you have too much bread then it gets too oily.

“But when we deep fried the chips and mixed them with perinaise – Nando’s Peri-Peri mayonnaise – they were LUSH.

“Life = changed.”


Sun nutritionist Amanda Ursell said: “When you dip food in batter and then deep fat fry it, you are obviously going to send calories and fat soaring.

“Even if you are being conservative, you’ve got to allow at least 200 calories for the fried batter. The bigger the portion of food you are frying, the more batter you use and the more oil it absorbs.

“Whacking something like a pizza in the fryer is going to add at least 250 calories. When you start off with almost 1,500 calories for the pizza, it’s hard to find a good reason for doing this!

“The last thing our country needs right now is chomping our way through extra calories.”

Batter connoisseur Dazza also compiled his five worst foods to deep fat fry.

1. Canned fermented fish (614 calories)

“This was and will forever be the worst thing we have ever deep fried.

“The smell was that bad that the neighbors came out to ask if everything was okay when they could smell it in the back garden. The taste though – actually not too bad.

“But I could smell that stench on my hands for about four days after it. We had to bin everything that touched the fish, called Surströmming, as well.

“It was horrible. Truly disgusting.”

2. Birthday cake (388 calories per slice)

“To celebrate my birthday we got an Asda birthday cake made up. We innocently deep fried it thinking it would be okay. We were very wrong.

“This cake was the oiliest thing you will ever see. Every layer of the cake was RIDDLED with oil.

“It was the wettest bite we've ever had. I also felt like death for about five days after it, I could hardly eat a thing.”

3. Cat food (245 calories)

“This tasted like dust. There was a neighbourhood cat that was kicking about nearby and even they didn't eat it.

“It broke apart in your mouth and felt like you were eating a piece of old wood and chalk at the same time.

“Although funnily enough we tried dog food in this episode and that was actually okay!”

4. Crisps (384 calories per bag)

“Crisps have never worked. In general it's very hard to find a good deep fried crisp.

“Still to this day I continue my journey to find the best deep fried crisp out there.

“The issue is that when you deep fry it it becomes chewy and oily. Not the two things you want from a crunchy crisp.”

5. Sushi (203 calories)

“I hate sushi as it is. So when we deep fried it, I was not looking forward to it. I just can't cope with very fishy smells or tastes.

“So when you mix that style of rice and fish, you do not get very good results.

“It was like eating a tin of sardines straight from the brine. Yuck.”

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