Biden news latest: President & Putin look tense as they shake hands before facing off on hacking & election meddling

JOE Biden and Vladimir Putin looked tense as they shook hands ahead of starting crucial talks in Geneva.

The Democrat and Putin posed for pictures ahead of their summit at La Villa Grange where they will discuss a wide range of issues from cyberattacks to Syria and Ukraine.

After the meeting – which is expected to last up to four or five hours – the president will then hold a press conference and address reporters.

In March, Biden was asked if he believes Putin is a killer in an interview with ABC. The president replied: "Mmm hmm, I do."

Biden laughed on Monday when he was asked if he still thinks Putin is a "killer" and said the Russian leader is a "worthy adversary."

Putin pushed back at criticism, telling Biden during an interview with NBC on Monday, "don’t be mad at the mirror if you’re ugly."

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  • Chris Bradford


    Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump as she told Morning Joe that America "lost' four years under the Republican's presidency.

    She claimed that the previous administration "emboldened" Putin and gave the Russian strongman a "green light".

  • Chris Bradford


    Former First Lady Hillary Clinton said Biden has a ‘strong team’ and will arrive at the summit ‘very well prepared’.

    She told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the US “lost four years” under the Trump presidency.

    Clinton recalled the moment when Putin arrived around 45 minutes late to a summit with President Obama at the G20 in Mexico.

    The 2016 Democratic nominee praised the protocols as the leaders had a quick handshake before “getting down to business”.  

  • Chris Bradford


    Joe Biden laughed when he was asked if he still thinks Vladimir Putin is a “killer” and said the Russian leader is a “worthy adversary.”

    The president was speaking during a press conference on Monday afternoon that he turned up to two hours late.

    Joe Biden previously said that he believes Putin is a “killer,” something that the Russian president denied ever speaking to the American about.

    When asked back in March if Biden believes Putin is a killer in an interview with ABC, the president replied: “Mmm hmm, I do.”

  • Chris Bradford


    Joe Biden is meeting with Vladimir Putin today after two decades of criticizing the Russian leader and branding him a “killer” he “doesn’t trust.”

    The presidents' will discuss several issues, ranging from Covid-19, to Syria and Ukraine, and cyberattacks.

    Biden has been highly skeptical of the Russian leader for more than 20 years and previously slammed President George W. Bush for claiming Putin is “trustworthy.” 

    Some of Biden’s first criticism of Putin came in February 2000 when he was still Russia’s acting president. 

    At the time, Putin was pursuing a heavy-handed war in the Chechnya region. 

    Biden said that the “jury is still out on Mr. Putin and his commitment to democratic rule or to nonproliferation.”

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