Biden’s new baseball-themed ‘League 46’ outreach program to young voters trolled on Twitter – The Sun

JOE Biden has been trolled on social media for its grassroots effort to mobilize young voters around the country.

The Biden campaign revealed its latest initiative, League 46, in a video shared to Twitter on Tuesday.

The group of young professionals, elected officials, and students was described as "the coalition that will make Joe Biden the 46th president".

"Today we're launching #League46 – a next generation coalition ready to make Donald Trump a one-term president," said Biden.

"We've got unlimited capacity to create change – and together, we're going to transform this country."

Led by senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders, League 46 comprises three groups: Students for Biden, Young Professionals for Biden, and Young Elected Officials for Biden.

Twitter users clowned Biden's "tee ball" effort to connect with younger voters.

"More like Tee Ball League 46," said one user.

"DELUSIONAL PEDO," wrote another user, who presumably tried to take a dig at Biden for the sexual assault accusations made against the former Delaware senator.

"Plain sad he's not fit to even run," said Faith Rogers.
"Checkmate," trolled a fourth user, who shared a doctored image of Biden photoshopped with cornrows beside his contentious "you ain't black" comment.

The initiative comes amid a recent CNN analysis showed that Biden seems to be underperforming among young voters.

The former vice president leads Donald Trump by just 14 points on average in that particular voting bloc.

After facing backlash for his controversial comments last week, Biden apologized on Tuesday for being "a wise guy" during the interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

The presumptive Democratic nominee acknowledged the statement he made on The Breakfast Club was a "mistake", but also tried to shift the blame onto the radio host for egging him on.

Biden said he shouldn't have been so "cavalier" but insisted that he wasn't the only "wise guy" last week.

"First of all, it was a mistake, number one. And I was smiling when he was asking the question. I shouldn't have been such a wise guy to him," he told CNN.

"He was being a wise guy, and I responded in kind. I shouldn't have done that. It was a mistake."

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