British woman killed by speedboat propeller in Corfu after vessel crashed into her as she swam in the sea

A BRITISH woman has been killed in Corfu after being hit by a speedboat propeller while swimming in the sea.

The 60-year-old woman was taking a dip off the island’s coast when she was struck by the boat which reportedly left the scene.

She was reportedly found unconscious and bleeding out with serious injuries to her legs.

The wounds appeared to have been caused by a boat propeller in the collision off the Greek island.

Coast guards rushed to the scene but they were unable to save her after she was pulled from the water by other swimmers on Avalaki Beach.

She was found at around 10am local time today and was taken to Corfu Hospital.

Local media reports the speedboat left the scene after the fatal collision.

Port Authority officials are investigating the death as there were many speed boats in the area at the time.

An autopsy is expected to be carried out tomorrow to determine the woman's cause of death.

It is unclear if the Brit woman was a holidaymaker or permanent resident of Corfu.

HuffPost Greece reports the woman was a visitor, but other local media reports she lived in Corfu.

Greece currently has a travel corridor with the UK that allows tourists to go abroad without having to quarantine when they return to Britain.

Greece has so far only recorded 262 coronavirus deaths and 10,134 cases – but infections have been creeping up since the end of July.

The country recorded its highest daily figure on August 26 with 293 new infections.

It remains significantly below other popular holiday destinations however such as France and Spain, which are recording thousands of new cases daily.

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