Candace Owens says Biden is 'literally NOT' president and slams 'brain-washed and deluded leftists'

CANDACE Owens has insisted that Joe Biden is "literally not" the United States' president elect and slammed the "brain-washed and deluded leftists" who believe he is.

The outspoken Trump-supporter criticized the 77-year-old Democrat just one day after Biden addressed the nation in a Saturday night victory speech.

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Owens' fiery statement – which was shared to Twitter on Sunday afternoon -read: "The Left spent 4 years claiming Trump was not their President, except, he LITERALLY is.

"Now they are saying that Joe Biden is President-elect, except, he LITERALLY is NOT.

"Leftists either have no idea how government works, or they are severely media-brainwashed and deluded."

The 31-year-old Conservative activist was referring to when major media news outlets called the 2020 presidential race on Saturday.

Widespread celebrations took place across the country after a Pennsylvania win pushed Biden past the 270 electoral college vote winning mark after days of election suspense.

The former VP took the 20 electoral votes from the crunch state – launching him into the White House as the 46th President of the United States.

However, President Trump has not yet admitted his loss and has claimed the election was "rigged" and voting by mail was plagued by "fraud."

Owens maintained her support for President Trump on Saturday by tweeting: "Keep up the fight, patriots!

"Let the courts settle the apparent fraud."

Meanwhile, Trump has doubled down on his refusal to accept election defeat as his sons have demanded a "manual recount" and Melania told him not to give up.

Over the weekend, Owens expressed dismay at Trump fans being branded as "racist bigots and xenophobes" as she lashed out at stereotypes.

She slammed the media for portraying President Trump – who she insists gave a "voice to the voiceless" and hope for the American Dream – as an "enemy."

In an op-ed published in the Mail Online, the 31-year-old wrote: "Those who privately supported him were reduced to uneducated, red-neck hicks – the toothless type who drink beer on their porch and marry their first cousins.

"For those who dared to venture their support for Trump in public, far worse characterizations were reserved.

"They were racist bigots, xenophobes unfit to see the light of day in a civilized society.

"So where do such insulting illustrations leave Americans like me?"

Owens is a right-wing commentator who founded Blexit, a campaign to persuade African-Americans and other minorities to abandon the Democrats and become registered Republicans.

She has become one of Trump's "most prominent cheerleaders and pals of the first family," according to the Times.

Last week, Owens shockingly accused Democrats of “planning an overnight scam in Georgia” as votes were still being counted in the state and warned the election will end in court.

“They were planning an overnight scam in Georgia. Their confidence made no sense at the time, and it makes perfect sense now,” Owens said in a tweet as she responded to how votes were playing out in Georgia.

Owens has also said black Americans are turning to Donald Trump for “more opportunities” – and claimed Democrats want to “keep them poor.”

Back in September, Owens revealed she thought Trump would win the election in a “landslide.”

She explained: “You need but look at the lines and packed arenas at Trump rallies to determine that he is winning by a landslide.”

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