Chilling moment Grenfell fraudster exposed himself with 'dead eye stare' as he lied about family dying in the fire

THIS is the chilling moment a Grenfell fraudster exposed himself as a crook with a "dead eye stare" in a fake interview about his family dying in the fire.

Anh Nhu Nguyen, 53, claimed he lost his wife and son in the devastating blaze to line his pockets using donations from the victim relief fund.

As part of his cruel deceit, Nguyen described in harrowing detail how he lost sight of his family in the smoke-clogged stairwell.

The conman even met Prince Charles as he attempted to capitalise on the tragedy that killed 72 people in 2017.

But the shameless crook was really living in Beckenham – on the other side of London – at the time of the deadly inferno.

In an interview after the fire, Nguyen described losing sight of his wife and 12-year-old son as they scrambled through the "fog-like" smoke in the stairwell.

Cruel Nguyen also told how he climbed over dead bodies to escape, telling Sky News: "I'm sad, I'm angry, I cry. It's terrible for everyone who lost family that day."

But experts on Quest Red's Faking It: Tears of a Crime have revealed how the fraudster exposed his deception in the "emotionless" interview with a "dead eye stare".

Body language expert Cliff Lansley tells the show: "His eyes never move from the interviewer. Now that’s unusual.

"It’s polite to look at the person who’s speaking, but in normal conversations you’d be looking away, you’d be accessing your memory.

"He’s focusing on the interviewer, and that’s unusual in truthful statements."

The show also reveals how Nguyen shows a lack of "emotional signals" while describing the horror of his wife and son dying in deadly inferno.

Professor of Linguistics Dawn Archer says: "He’s telling us something incredibly traumatic, but we have no emotional signals of this trauma.

“It would be extremely difficult to have to go past bodies, it would be horrific to have to feel that your wife and son were no longer with you.

"All those things are traumatic, but we don’t get the sense of the voice changing at all.”

At one point, the fraudster describes how he saw dead bodies in the burning building as he made a desperate bid to escape.

He talks of being "shocked" as he was forced to climb over the burned corpses while running through the thick smoke in the stairwell.

But the experts say rather than any trauma in his voice, Nguyen appeared excited about his story being believed.

Cliff says: "What’s significant and different from the base line, is the pitch from the response has increased. So, this is probably excitement: ‘I’m on a winner now, I’m being believed’.”

Nguyen was rumbled when organisers of the victim relief fund, who had already handed him £360 and paid out £2,000 for his hotel, alerted police.

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June 18: Nguyen headed to the West Way Centre, which had been set up for those who had lost property and family, telling organisers that he had lived at flat 17.

He was given £100 in cash, then given £260 in cash before being given accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express at the cost of £2,000.

July 21: He applied for £5,000 at the West Way Centre, telling organisers that he lived at flat 18.

But he was tripped up when it was revealed there was no flat 18 or 17.

He had given an address of another flat but there were other people named as having lived there.

Cops discovered he had twice taken cash from the West Way Centre – set up for victims – and gave his address as flat 17 and flat 18.

But his deceit was uncovered when it was revealed those flats didn't exist.

He then tried squirming his way out by giving another flat number but other people were listed as living there.

Nguyen was caged for 21 months in 2018 after pleading guilty to fraud at Southwark Crown Court.

Shockingly, it emerged Vietnam-born Nguyen has an "appalling" criminal record containing 28 convictions for 56 offences committed between 1983 and 2015.

He had previously been jailed for theft and harassment.

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