Chris Cuomo says he’s lost 13 pounds in 3 days while battling coronavirus

Chris Cuomo said Thursday night that he lost 13 pounds in three days as the CNN anchor continues to share his battle with the coronavirus.

Cuomo, who tested positive for the illness on Tuesday, gave an update on his condition during a CNN “Global Town Hall” — which aired during his show’s normal 9 p.m. time slot.

Cuomo used the interview to argue that just because most coronavirus patients suffer mild symptoms that don’t require hospitalization, does not mean the illness is a walk in the park.

“You suffer when you have this at home,” Cuomo told fellow CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and network chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

“Look, it’s not about life or death. I don’t mean it that way, otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing the show,” said Cuomo. “I’m not looking to scare people, I’m trying to do the opposite.”

But since his Tuesday diagnosis, Cuomo, 49, said he shed 13 pounds, despite eating as good as he did before he married his wife.

“My wife is feeding me like, you know, we were still in the dating phase. So it’s not like I’m hurting for nutrition,” he said.

“I’m eating and drinking constantly. I’m just sweating it out, and it’s the sickness.”

Cuomo, who is considering his case to be among the 80 percent — commonly cited by health officials — of coronavirus cases that up end being mild, said, “We’re going to make it through.”

“But the idea is that it’s easy, so you can be nonchalant — that is so misleading fellas,” he said.

“That I now know for fact.”

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