CNN liberal host Don Lemon mocks Trump for saying 'he hopes there isn't a race problem' in America

CNN host Don Lemon called out President Trump for saying "he hopes there isn't a race problem" in America at the ABC News town hall.

On Tuesday night, Lemon discussed the town hall with Washington Post's David Swerdlick.

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Hosted by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, the town hall featured questions and concerns from American voters, including African-American Pastor Carl Day.

Day told the president of systemically racist policies in Black neighborhoods and asked to see "when was that great" as Trump continuously says "again" in his slogan "Make America Great Again."

"You have said everything else about choking and everything else," Day said. "You have yet to address and acknowledge there's a race problem in America."

"If you go — I hope there's not a race problem," Trump responded.

He further told Day that he has a "great respect" for all races and that America is "great because of it."

"When you look at income level, and a lot of things because of the jobs situation where they had the lowest income," the president continued.

"The best unemployment numbers they have ever had. The black community. By far. That was solving a will the of problems. You know what else, it was bringing people together."

After playing the clip from last night's town hall, Lemon laughed at President Trump's response.

The CNN host went on to say that Trump did not answer the question.

"When was it great, when was a great time for African-Americans?" Lemon asked. "[Trump] keeps saying 'this was before the pandemic.' That's not the question. That's not the question. He keeps saying 'they.' Anyway. 'Is there a race problem?' 'I hope there's not a race problem.'"

Swerdlick claimed the president did not answer it because he "could not answer the question."

"He couldn’t answer the question about ‘Make America Great Again,’ because that slogan, which is an insult, Either means that America was somehow ungreat under his predecessor, the first black president," Swerdlick said. "Or that he wants to take the country back to a point in time far enough back, where, at the same time black citizens in the country citizens of color in general, women, were not equal to white men."

Last week, Lemon and CNN's Chris Cuomo discussed privilege and racism in America.

Cuomo claimed that part of the problem is that President Trump won't admit or say that America has a problem with racism.

"They don’t know," Lemon said about Trump supporters.

"When has anyone ever admitted that they had a problem? Have you ever known, have you ever had a family member or friend that has an issue whether it's addiction, or whatever it is, who admitted to it?"

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