Coronavirus deaths to stay high in summer and 80% of patients who need ventilators will die, NY Gov warns – The Sun

NY Governor Cuomo warned coronavirus deaths may stay high this summer and said around 80 percent of patients on ventilators will die.

Cuomo shared the stark projections as the in-state COVID-19 death toll surged to 1,941 overnight, after 391 New Yorkers died in 24 hours.

Cuomo said the majority of people who relied on critical ventilators to breathe would most likely succumb to the vicious illness during his daily press briefing Wednesday.

“If you go on a ventilator, there’s roughly only a 20 percent chance that you will come off," Cuomo told reporters after his own brother was diagnosed with the illness.

The governor also warned the high death could continue through July and the summer as the Gates Foundation predicts 16,000 New Yorkers will die during the crisis.

“That number will continue to go up,” said Cuomo. “That is [mainly] people who have been on ventilators for a period of time."

He emphasized the need for social distancing measures to continue given how they impact the strain on hospitals.

Compliance affects how many supplies will be needed when the virus peaks at the end of April, Cuomo said.

If people stay home, wash their hands, and socially distance themselves, New York will only need 75,000 COVID-19 beds and 25,000 ventilators.
With less compliance, this figure ramps up to 110,000 hospital beds and 37,000 ventilators.

"What a terrible thing to live with as a human being," Cuomo said. "What a cruel torture."

But he said the emergency measures were vital to reduce the strain on already struggling New York hospitals, who have combined forces in the battle against the virus.

Cuomo also confirmed that the still crowded NYC playgrounds would be closed a result of people refusing to comply.

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