Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez slammed for flaunting seatbelt laws in hit Netflix show

GEORGINA Rodriguez has been slammed by road safety campaigners for flaunting seatbelt laws in her hit Netflix show.

The 28-year-old has been taken to task for not belting up properly or strapping in partner Cristiano Ronaldo’s 11-year-old son Cristianinho or their daughter Alana, now four, in line with the law.

Eagle-eyed child safety experts have also pointed the finger at the Man United ace for wearing his seatbelt behind his back instead of over his chest at the wheel of one of his expensive supercars to “stop it beeping.”

Jose Lagunar, CEO at Spain based kids’ road safety engineering firm Rivekids, said: “Netflix describes Georgina Rodriguez as a mother, influencer, businesswoman and the partner of football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We don’t doubt Georgina might be good at business.

“But it’s surprising that Netflix presents her as an example of a mother and influencer when she carries her four-year-old daughter in her child seat without a harness and another child without a seat belt.

“No doubt out of ignorance, Georgina demonstrates with these scenes very irresponsible behaviour and a terrible example of road safety to all the families who are watching the documentary."

‘I Am Georgina’, which focuses on the rags-to-riches life of the former shop girl who now travels around Europe in chauffeur-driven cars and Cristiano’s £20 million private jet, has made the Netflix top 10 list in many of the 190 countries it began streaming in on January 27.

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Road safety campaigners have highlighted eight scenes from the show over its six episodes where seat belt laws are flouted.

Georgina, 28, travels to her home town of Jaca in Spain, with the lower strap over her belly but no top strap over her shoulder.

Her elder sister Ivana, sat beside her in their chauffeur-driven car, is wearing her seatbelt properly.

Argentinian-born Georgina flouts seatbelt laws again after landing in Paris on Cristiano’s Gulfstream G20 jet and jumping in the back of a car to choose a Jean Paul Gaultier outfit for the Cannes Film Festival, despite her two companions belting up properly.

She is filmed picking up Cristianianho and his siblings from school near their former home in Turin, Italy, moments after being described by her big sister as the “most protective mother” she knows.

She puts sunscreen on daughter Alana’s face as she enjoys her backseat ride between her first child with Cristiano and the footballer’s eldest son.

But there is no obvious sign of a seatbelt on Cristianinho and Alana is not properly strapped into her child seat with a shoulder harness.

Seatbelt laws are similarly strict across Europe and those flouting the law could face penalties.

Drivers face the same fines for child passengers not appropriately protected in line with road safety laws.

Around a third of people killed on the UK’s roads annually were not wearing a seatbelt, studies have shown.

Cristiano, who reveals in the documentary he is “1000 per cent certain” he will end up marrying his girlfriend of nearly six years, also gets a slap on the wrist from road safety campaigners over the way he is wearing his seatbelt in a FaceTime call to Georgina while she is at a children’s shelter in Madrid.

Mr Lagunar, whose start-up is based in the northern Spanish city of Valladolid near to where Georgina grew up, said: “The popular couple must think they’re immune to a traffic accident or nobody has explained to them the risks of not using safety elements like the seatbelt, given the fact Georgina appears in many scenes of the docu-series without a belt on or wearing it incorrectly.

“Cristiano Ronaldo appears, no doubt with the car at a stop, at the start of chapter one with his seatbelt on behind his back so it can be clipped in without pinging.

“But if he were to drive like that and suffer an accident the consequences would be fatal.

“Seat belts are only going to protect us if we use them properly.

“We’re talking about the most watched Netflix documentary in several countries last month and nobody seems to have picked up on the serious mistakes in terms of road safety.

“It might be a good idea if a road safety expert was incorporated into shoots.”

Clinical psychologist Jose Quintana added: “The characters in series function as important role models for their followers.

“Constant risk-taking behaviour is a bad influence on the behaviour of viewers, especially the younger ones.”

The Sun exclusively revealed earlier this month Georgina had signed a mega-bucks deal to star in a second series of the hit show about her life before and after Cristiano.

The former shop worker's move to Manchester following the footballer’s return to Old Trafford and the birth of her twins in April, which will take Cristiano’s tally of kids to six, will feature heavily in the new serving of ‘I Am Georgina.’

Georgina gifted her boyfriend an eight-seater Cadillac Escalade for his 37th birthday on February 5 as they count down the weeks to the day when they’ll need their first super-sized family vehicles.

Cristiano's amazing fleet of cars worth £17 million also includes a £250,000 Bentley Flying Spur and a limited edition  £8.5million Bugatti Centodieci – of which only ten have been made.

Georgina has been contacted for comment.

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