Did Bill Gates use a sexy Porsche for extramarital rendezvous?

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Bill Gates may have gotten revved up for extramarital relationships by tooling around in a sexy golden brown Porsche, a new report said Monday.

There were times when the Microsoft co-founder would drive to the office in a staid Mercedes — then have a worker deliver the sleek sports car to him about an hour later, and he would roar off in it, Vanity Fair said, quoting a former staffer.

“We all assumed that it was when he was with women,” the employee told the mag.

“I knew there were many off-site meetings that were not on his calendar.”

But another source insisted that Gates is “one of the most intensely scheduled people on the planet” and never just disappeared from the office.

The tech magnate’s wife, Melinda, filed for divorce in May after three kids and 27 years of marriage. In the days after, it surfaced that Bill had had an affair with an underling over the years — a relationship that was being probed by the company’s board last year before he stepped down.

Sources told VF that the couple had been living separate lives for years but stayed together till their youngest child, daughter Phoebe, now 19, graduated from high school.

Melinda then finally hired divorce lawyers after her estranged husband’s dealings with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein became public in 2019, the magazine noted.

Someone in Melinda’s circle worked with a private investigator before she filed, two sources described as familiar with the situation told the outlet. But a rep for Melinda Gates called the claim “completely false,” adding, “Neither Melinda nor anyone at her direction ever hired a private investigator.”

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